Man pages for iSFun
Integrative Dimension Reduction Analysis for Multi-Source Data

isccaIntegrative sparse canonical correlation analysis
iscca.cvCross-validation for iscca
iscca.plotPlot the results of iscca
ispcaIntegrative sparse principal component analysis
ispca.cvCross-validation for ispca
ispca.plotPlot the results of ispca
isplsIntegrative sparse partial least squares
ispls.cvCross-validation for ispls
ispls.plotPlot the results of ispls
meta.sccaMeta-analytic sparse canonical correlation analysis method in...
meta.spcaMeta-analytic sparse principal component analysis method in...
meta.splsMeta-analytic sparse partial least squares method in...
preview.ccaStatistical description before using function iscca
preview.pcaStatistical description before using function ispca
preview.plsStatistical description before using function ispls
sccaSparse canonical correlation analysis
simData.ccaExample data for method iscca
simData.pcaExample data for method ispca
simData.plsExample data for method ispls
spcaSparse principal component analysis
splsSparse partial least squares
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