Man pages for ibawds
Functions and Datasets for the Data Science Course at IBAW

billsSummarised Data on Restaurant Bills
define_latex_statsDefine LaTeX commands for statistical symbols
distribution_plotPlot Density and Distribution Function With Markings
get_cran_historyHistory of the Number of Available CRAN Packages
grading_tablesTables Used for Grading the Papers
ibawds-packageFunctionality for Data Science at IBAW
install_ibawdsInstall the R-Packages Required for the Course
mtcars2Dataset mtcars without row names
n_available_packagesNumber of Available R Packages from MRAN
rand_with_corCreate a Random Vector With Fixed Correlation With Another...
rescaleRescale Mean And/Or Standard Deviation of a Vector
seatbeltsRoad Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84
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