ibmdbR: IBM in-Database Analytics for R

Functionality required to efficiently use R with IBM DB2(C) for Linux, Unix and Windows, IBM dashDB(C) as well as DB2 for z/OS (C) in conjunction with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (C). Many basic and complex R operations are pushed down into the database, which removes the main memory boundary of R and allows to make full use of parallel processing in the underlying database.

AuthorIBM Corporation
Date of publication2016-10-17 00:47:42
MaintainerAlexander Eckert <>

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as.character,ida.col.def-method Man page, Man page Man page
as.integer,ida.col.def-method Man page
as.numeric,ida.col.def-method Man page
as.vector,ida.col.def,ANY-method Man page
as.vector,ida.col.def-method Man page
colnames, Man page
cor, Man page
cov,ANY,ANY-method Man page
cov,ANY, Man page
cov,,ANY-method Man page
cov,, Man page Man page
dim, Man page
format.ida.col.def Man page
head, Man page
hist, Man page
ibmdbR Man page
ibmdbR-package Man page
idaApplyRules Man page
idaArule Man page
idaClose Man page
!,ida.col.def-method Man page
idaConnect Man page
idaCreateView Man page Man page
[,,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[, Man page
$<-, Man page
$, Man page
idaDeleteTable Man page
idadf Man page
idaDivCluster Man page
idaDropModel Man page
idaDropView Man page
idaExistTable Man page
idaGetAccelerator Man page
idaGetAcceleratorDetails Man page
idaGetAcceleratorQueryAcceleration Man page
idaGetModelname Man page
idaGetValidTableName Man page
idaGlm Man page
idaInit Man page
idaIsView Man page
idaKMeans Man page
ida.list Man page
idaListAccelerators Man page
[<-,ida.list,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,ida.list,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
!,ida.list-method Man page
[<-,ida.list-method Man page
[,ida.list-method Man page
$<-,ida.list-method Man page
$,ida.list-method Man page
idaListModels Man page
idaLm Man page
idaMerge Man page
idaModelExists Man page
idaNaiveBayes Man page
idaQuery Man page
idaRetrieveModel Man page
idaSample Man page
idaSave Man page
idaScalarQuery Man page
idaSetAccelerator Man page
idaShowTables Man page
idaTable Man page
idaTree Man page
idaTwoStep Man page
idaUpdate Man page
ifelse,ida.col.def-method Man page Man page
is.ida.list Man page
length, Man page
length,ida.list-method Man page
max, Man page
mean, Man page
min, Man page
names, Man page
names,ida.list-method Man page
NCOL, Man page
NROW, Man page
plot.idaLm Man page
plot.idaTree Man page
predict.idaDivCluster Man page
predict.idaGlm Man page
predict.idaKMeans Man page
predict.idaLm Man page
predict.idaNaiveBayes Man page
predict.idaTree Man page
predict.idaTwoStep Man page
print,ida.col.def-method Man page
print, Man page
print.idaDivCluster Man page
print.idaGlm Man page
print.idaKMeans Man page
print,ida.list-method Man page
print.idaLm Man page
print.idaNaiveBayes Man page
print.idaTree Man page
print.idaTwoStep Man page
sd, Man page
summary, Man page
var, Man page


ibmdbR/R/connection.R ibmdbR/R/idadf.R ibmdbR/R/parse.formula.R ibmdbR/R/plot.idaLm.R ibmdbR/R/aggregate.R ibmdbR/R/data.frame.methods.R ibmdbR/R/data.frame.R ibmdbR/R/AllClass.R ibmdbR/R/glm.R ibmdbR/R/sample.R ibmdbR/R/divClust.R ibmdbR/R/update.R ibmdbR/R/nb.R ibmdbR/R/statistics.R ibmdbR/R/lm.R ibmdbR/R/connect.R ibmdbR/R/close.R ibmdbR/R/list.R ibmdbR/R/save.R ibmdbR/R/sql.R ibmdbR/R/ ibmdbR/R/kMeans.R ibmdbR/R/merge.R ibmdbR/R/rules.R ibmdbR/R/twoStep.R ibmdbR/R/coldef.R ibmdbR/R/tree.R
ibmdbR/man/idaDropModel.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaSample.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaConnect.Rd ibmdbR/man/init.Rd ibmdbR/man/ ibmdbR/man/idaTree.Rd ibmdbR/man/overview.Rd ibmdbR/man/ida.col.def.methods.Rd ibmdbR/man/ida.list.Rd ibmdbR/man/idatools.Rd ibmdbR/man/ ibmdbR/man/idaArule.Rd ibmdbR/man/ida.list.methods.Rd ibmdbR/man/createview.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaListModels.Rd ibmdbR/man/showtables.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaKMeans.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaQuery.Rd ibmdbR/man/ ibmdbR/man/idadf.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaNb.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaRetrieveModel.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaLm.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaGetModelName.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaDivCluster.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaMerge.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaTable.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaListAccelerators.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaTwoStep.Rd ibmdbR/man/idaGlm.Rd

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