ozone: Los Angeles ozone pollution data, 1976.

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Los Angeles ozone pollution data, 1976. We deleted from the original data, the first 3 columns which were the Month, Day of the month and Day of the week. Each observation is one day, so there is 366 rows. The ozone data is a matrix with 9 columns.


This data set is a matrix containing the following columns:

[,1] Ozone numeric Daily maximum one-hour-average ozone reading (parts per million) at Upland, CA.
[,2] Pressure.Vand numeric 500 millibar pressure height (m) measured at Vandenberg AFB.
[,3] Wind numeric Wind speed (mph) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
[,4] Humidity numeric Humidity in percentage at LAX.
[,5] Temp.Sand numeric Temperature (degrees F) measured at Sandburg, CA.
[,6] Inv.Base.height numeric Inversion base height (feet) at LAX.
[,7] Pressure.Grad numeric Pressure gradient (mm Hg) from LAX to Daggett, CA.
[,8] Inv.Base.Temp numeric Inversion base temperature (degrees F) at LAX.
[,9] Visilibity numeric Visibility (miles) measured at LAX.


Leo Breiman, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley. Data used in Breiman, L. and Friedman, J. H. (1985). Estimating optimal transformations for multiple regression and correlation, Journal of American Statistical Association, 80, 580–598.

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