Man pages for iglu
Interpreting Glucose Data from Continuous Glucose Monitors

above_percentCalculate percentage of values above target thresholds
active_percentCalculate percentage of time CGM was active
adrrCalculate average daily risk range (ADRR)
agpDisplay Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) statistics for...
agp_metricsCalculate metrics for the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP)
all_metricsCalculate all metrics in iglu
aucCalculate Area Under Curve AUC
below_percentCalculate percentage below targeted values
calculate_sleep_wakeCalculate metrics for values inside and/or outside a...
CGMS2DayByDayInterpolate glucose value on an equally spaced grid from day...
cogiCalculate Continuous Glucose Monitoring Index (COGI) values
congaContinuous Overall Net Glycemic Action (CONGA)
cv_gluCalculate Coefficient of Variation (CV) of glucose levels
cv_measuresCalculate Coefficient of Variation subtypes
ea1cCalculate eA1C
epicalc_profileDisplay Episode Calculation statistics for selected subject
episode_calculationCalculates the number of Hypo/Hyperglycemic events as well as...
example_data_1_subjectExample CGM data for one subject with Type II diabetes
example_data_5_subjectExample CGM data for 5 subjects with Type II diabetes
gmiCalculate GMI
gradeCalculate mean GRADE score
grade_euglyPercentage of GRADE score attributable to target range
grade_hyperPercentage of GRADE score attributable to hyperglycemia
grade_hypoPercentage of GRADE score attributable to hypoglycemia
gvpCalculate Glucose Variability Percentage (GVP)
hbgiCalculate High Blood Glucose Index (HBGI)
hist_rocPlot histogram of Rate of Change values (ROC)
hyper_indexCalculate Hyperglycemia Index
hypo_indexCalculate Hypoglycemia Index
igcCalculate Index of Glycemic Control
iglu_shinyRun IGLU Shiny App
in_range_percentCalculate percentage in targeted value ranges
iqr_gluCalculate glucose level iqr
j_indexCalculate J-index
lbgiCalculate Low Blood Glucose Index (LBGI)
mad_gluCalculate Median Absolute Deviation (MAD)
magCalculate the Mean Absolute Glucose (MAG)
mageCalculate Mean Amplitude of Glycemic Excursions
mage_ma_singleCalculates Mean Amplitude of Glycemic Excursions (see "mage")
mean_gluCalculate mean glucose level
median_gluCalculate median glucose level
moddCalculate mean difference between glucose values obtained at...
m_valueCalculate the M-value
optimized_iglu_functionsOptimized Calculations of Time Dependent iglu Metrics
pipePipe operator
plot_agpPlot Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) modal day
plot_dailyPlot daily glucose profiles
plot_gluPlot time series and lasagna plots of glucose measurements
plot_lasagnaLasagna plot of glucose values for multiple subjects
plot_lasagna_1subjectLasagna plot of glucose values for 1 subject aligned across...
plot_rangesPlot Time in Ranges as a bar plot
plot_rocPlot time series of glucose colored by rate of change
process_dataData Pre-Processor
quantile_gluCalculate glucose level quantiles
range_gluCalculate glucose level range
read_raw_dataRead raw data from a variety of common sensors.
rocCalculate the Rate of Change at each time point (ROC)
sd_gluCalculate sd glucose level
sd_measuresCalculate SD subtypes
sd_rocCalculate the standard deviation of the rate of change
summary_gluCalculate summary glucose level
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