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Consistency, Homogeneity and Summary Statistics of Climatological Data

Global functions
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Homogeneity tests Man page
PETtest Man page Source code
SNHtest Man page Source code
VONtest Man page Source code
annualAgg Source code
colApplyZoo Source code
computeClimdex Man page Source code
createClimdex Man page Source code
createDataclim Man page Source code
dataclim-class Man page
evalHomogeneity Man page
evalHomogeneity,data.frame-method Man page
evalHomogeneity,dataclim-method Man page
evalHomogeneity-methods Man page
iki.dataclim-package Man page
initialize,dataclim-method Man page
monthlyAgg Source code
myCoef Source code
plotWalterLieth Man page
plotWalterLieth,dataclim-method Man page
plotWalterLieth,matrix-method Man page
plotWalterLieth-methods Man page
potsdam Man page
qcDailyPrec Source code
qcDailyTemp Source code
show,dataclim-method Man page
summary,dataclim-method Man page
zoo-class Man page
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