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CSS Layouts (Grid and Flexbox) Implementation for R/Shiny

addBreakpointAdd a breakpoint to a breakpoint system
addClassAdd object class
applyTemplateApply a template to a attribute list
breakpointCreate a breakpoint
breakpointSystemCreate a breakpoint system
exportBreakpointSystemExport a breakpoint system
exportTemplateExport a template
flexPageCreate a css flexbox based page
flexPanelCreate a css flexbox based HTML tag
generateCSSPropertyStylesCreates styles for a css property.
generateFlexChildrenCSSCreates styles for the children of a css flex element.
generateFlexCSSCreates styles for a css flex element.
generateGridAreaCSSCreates styles for css grid areas.
generateGridCSSCreates styles for css grid attributes.
generateIDGenerate a ID
getBreakpointSystemGet a registered breakpoint system
getTemplateGet a registered template
gridPageCreate a css grid based page
gridPanelCreate a css grid based HTML tag
gridTemplateCreate a grid template
importBreakpointSystemImport a breakpoint system
importTemplateImport a template
is.breakpointTests whether the object is an instance of a imola...
is.breakpointSystemTests whether the object is an instance of a imola breakpoint...
is.templateTests whether the object is an instance of a imola template.
listBreakpointSystemsList registered breakpoint systems
listTemplatesList registered templates
mediaRuleTemplateCreate media rule template
normalizeAttributeNormalize a attribute
normalizeAttributesNormalize a list of attributes
print.imola.breakpointCustom print function for a breakpoint object.
print.imola.breakpoint.systemCustom print function for a breakpoint system object.
print.imola.templateCustom print function for a template object.
processContentProcess HTML content
readSettingsFileImport a settings file
registerBreakpointSystemRegister a breakpoint system
registerTemplateRegister a template
removeBreakpointRemove a breakpoint from a breakpoint system
setActiveBreakpointSystemSet the active breakpoint system
stringCSSRuleEvaluate a css template
stringTemplateEvaluate a string template
unregisterBreakpointSystemUnregister a breakpoint system
unregisterTemplateUnregister a template
valueToCSSProcess Object to css
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