Man pages for incidence
Compute, Handle, Plot and Model Incidence of Dated Events

accessorsAccess various elements of an incidence object
bootstrapBootstrap incidence time series
conversionsConversion of incidence objects
cumulateCompute cumulative 'incidence'
estimate_peakEstimate the peak date of an incidence curve using bootstrap
find_peakFind the peak date of an incidence curve
fitFit exponential models to incidence data
get_countsGet counts from an incidence object
get_datesRetrieve dates from an incidence object
get_fitAccessors for 'incidence_fit' objects
group_namesextract and set group names
incidenceCompute incidence of events from a vector of dates.
palettesColor palettes used in incidence
plot.incidencePlot function for incidence objects
poolPool 'incidence' across groups
subsetSubsetting 'incidence' objects
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