inctools: inctools: A Package for Incidence Estimation

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The inctools package uses methods described by Kassanjee, et al. 'A new general biomarker-based incidence estimator,' Epidemiology (2012), to implement functions to calculate incidence and tests of incidence difference between two populations, as well as power and sample size constraints for different study scenarios. inctools also provides functions for calculation of mean duration of recent infection and false recency rates from assays for recent infection.

inctools Functions

inctools has functions frrcal to estimate false recency rate; mdrical to estimate mean duration of recent infection; incprops and inccounts to calculate estimates and confidence intervals for incidence and incidence difference, as well as other summary and inferential statistics related to the survey; incpower to calculate sample size needed for a given power in a test of incidence difference, or vice versa; and incprecision, which gives sample size needed for a given precision in the incidence estimate or vice versa.

For a longer introduction, see the introductory vignette for this package. Use browseVignettes(package = "inctools") to access the vignettes.

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