Man pages for indicspecies
Relationship Between Species and Groups of Sites

birdsBirds resource use data
combinespeciesCombines species from a community table
coverageCoverage of a set of indicators
indicatorsIndicator analysis for species combinations
indicspecies-packageStudying the statistical relationship between species and...
multipattMulti-level pattern analysis
nicheoverlapMetrics to compare pairs of resource niches
nichevarResource niche metrics for a single niche
pigeonsPigeon seed consumption data
plotnicheDraws a single resource niche
predict.indicatorsPredicts site group from indicators
pruneindicatorsDetermines the best subset of indicators
signassocStatistical significance of species site-group associations
strassocStrength of species site-group associations
summary.multipattSummarizing multi-level pattern analysis
wetlandWetland vegetation data set
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