Man pages for influential
Identification and Classification of the Most Influential Nodes

betweennessVertex betweenness centrality
centrality.measuresCentrality measures dataset
clusterRankClusterRank (CR)
coexpression.adjacencyAdjacency matrix
coexpression.dataCo-expression dataset
collective.influenceCollective Influence (CI)
cond.prob.analysisConditional probability of deviation from means
degreeDegree of the vertices
diff_data.assemblyAssembling the differential/regression data
double.cent.assessAssessment of innate features and associations of two network...
double.cent.assess.noRegressionAssessment of innate features and associations of two network...
exirExperimental data-based Integrated Ranking
graph_from_adjacency_matrixCreating igraph graphs from adjacency matrices
graph_from_data_frameCreating igraph graphs from data frames
hubness.scoreHubness score
influential-packageInfluential package
iviIntegrated Value of Influence (IVI)
ivi.from.indicesIntegrated Value of Influence (IVI)
lh_indexlocal H-index (LH-index)
neighborhood.connectivityNeighborhood connectivity
sif2igraphSIF to igraph
sirirSIR-based Influence Ranking
spreading.scoreSpreading score
VVertices of an igraph graph
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