Man pages for interval
Weighted Logrank Tests and NPMLE for Interval Censored Data

AintmapCreate A matrix and intmap
bcosBreast Cosmesis Data
getsurvget survival values from icfit object
icfitcalculate non-parametric MLE for interval censored survival...
icfitControlAuxiliary for controling icfit
ictestdo logrank or Wilcoxon type tests on interval censored data
initcomputeMLEfunctions to calculate initial NPMLE of the distribution
interval-internalInternal functions
interval-packageTests and NPMLE for interval censored data
mControlAuxiliary for feeding parameters to different methods
methodRuleIC1Rule for determining method for ictest
plot.icfitPlot icfit object
summary.icfitMethods for icfit objects
SurvLRTransform Surv object to data frame with L and R values
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