Man pages for intervals
Tools for Working with Points and Intervals

as.matrix.IntervalsExtract matrix of endpoints
c.IntervalsCombine different interval matrix objects
close_intervals-methodsRe-represent integer intervals with open or closed endpoints
clusters-methodsIdentify clusters in a collection of positions or intervals
distance_to_nearest-methodsCompute distance to nearest position in a set of intervals
empty-methodsIdentify empty interval rows
expand-methodsExpand or contract intervals
interval_complement-methodsCompute the complement of a set of intervals
interval_difference-methodsCompute set difference
interval_included-methodsAssess inclusion of one set of intervals with respect to...
interval_intersection-methodsCompute the intersection of one or more sets of intervals
interval_overlap-methodsAssess overlap from one set of intervals to another
Intervals-classClasses "Intervals" and "Intervals_full"
intervals-packageTools for working with points and intervals
Intervals_virtual-classClass "Intervals_virtual"
Intervals_virtual_or_numeric-classClass "Intervals_virtual_or_numeric"
interval_union-methodsCompute the union of intervals in one or more interval...
plot.IntervalsPlotting methods for interval objects
reduce-methodsCompactly re-represent the points in a set of intervals
sgdYeast gene model sample data
size-methodsCompute interval sizes
split.Intervals_virtualSplit an intervals object according to a factor
which_nearest-methodsIdentify nearest member(s) in a set of intervals
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