intsvy: International Assessment Data Manager

Provides tools for importing, merging, and analysing data from international assessment studies (TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA. ICILS, and PIAAC).

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AuthorDaniel Caro <>, Przemyslaw Biecek <>
Date of publication2016-04-27 18:56:51
MaintainerDaniel Caro <>

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Man pages

adj.input: Utility function

adj.measlev: Utility function

confs: Config files for intsvy studies

intsvy.ben.pv: Performance international benchmarks and proficiency levels

intsvy.config: Config files for intsvy studies

intsvy.log: Logistic regression analysis

intsvy.log.pv: Logistic regression analysis with plausible values

intsvy.mean: Calculates mean of variable

intsvy.mean.pv: Calculates mean achievement score

intsvy-package: International Assessment Data Manager

intsvy.per.pv: INTSVY percentiles

intsvy.reg: Regression analysis without plausible values

intsvy.reg.pv: Regression analysis with plausible values

intsvy.rho: Correlation matrix

intsvy.rho.pv: Two-way weighted correlation with plausible values Select and merge data

intsvy.table: Frequency table

intsvy.var.label: Data labels

is.vlabeled: Utility function

piaac.ben.pv: PIAAC proficiency levels

piaac.mean: Calculates mean of variable in PIAAC data

piaac.mean.pv: Calculates mean achievement score for PIAAC data

piaac.reg: Regression analysis for PIAAC

piaac.reg.pv: Regression analysis with plausible values for PIAAC

piaac.table: Frequency table

pirls.ben.pv: PIRLS international benchmarks

pirls.log: Logistic regression analysis

pirls.log.pv: Logistic regression analysis with plausible values

pirls.mean: Calculates mean of variable

pirls.mean.pv: Calculates mean achievement score

pirls.per.pv: PIRLS percentiles

pirls.reg: Regression analysis

pirls.reg.pv: Regression analysis with plausible values

pirls.rho: Correlation matrix

pirls.rho.pv: Two-way weighted correlation with plausible values Select and merge data

pirls.table: Frequency table

pirls.var.label: Data labels

pisa.ben.pv: PISA proficiency levels

pisa.log: Logistic regression analysis

pisa.log.pv: Logistic regression analysis with plausible values

pisa.mean: Calculates mean of variable

pisa.mean.pv: Calculates mean achievement score

pisa.per.pv: PISA percentiles

pisa.reg: Regression analysis

pisa.reg.pv: Regression analysis with plausible values

pisa.rho: Correlation matrix Select and merge data

pisa.table: Frequency table

pisa.var.label: Data labels

plot.intsvy.mean: Graphical representation of means in groups

plot.intsvy.reg: Graphical representation of regression models in groups

plot.intsvy.table: Graphical representation of frequency tables

timss.ben.pv: TIMSS international benchmarks Select and merge data

timssg4.var.label: Data labels Select and merge data

timssg8.var.label: Data labels

timss.log: Logistic regression analysis

timss.log.pv: Logistic regression analysis with plausible values

timss.mean: Calculates mean of variable

timss.mean.pv: Calculates mean achievement score

timss.per.pv: TIMSS percentiles

timss.reg: Regression analysis

timss.reg.pv: Regression analysis with plausible values

timss.rho: Correlation matrix

timss.rho.pv: Two-way weighted correlation with plausible values

timss.table: Frequency table


adj.input Man page
adj.measlev Man page
icils_conf Man page
intsvy Man page
intsvy.ben.pv Man page
intsvy.config Man page
intsvy.log Man page
intsvy.log.pv Man page
intsvy.mean Man page
intsvy.mean.pv Man page
intsvy-package Man page
intsvy.per.pv Man page
intsvy.reg Man page
intsvy.reg.pv Man page
intsvy.rho Man page
intsvy.rho.pv Man page Man page
intsvy.table Man page
intsvy.var.label Man page
is.vlabeled Man page
piaac.ben.pv Man page
piaac_conf Man page
piaac.mean Man page
piaac.mean.pv Man page
piaac.reg Man page
piaac.reg.pv Man page
piaac.table Man page
pirls.ben.pv Man page
pirls_conf Man page
pirls.log Man page
pirls.log.pv Man page
pirls.mean Man page
pirls.mean.pv Man page
pirls.per.pv Man page
pirls.reg Man page
pirls.reg.pv Man page
pirls.rho Man page
pirls.rho.pv Man page Man page
pirls.table Man page
pirls.var.label Man page
pisa.ben.pv Man page
pisa_conf Man page
pisa.log Man page
pisa.log.pv Man page
pisa.mean Man page
pisa.mean.pv Man page
pisa.per.pv Man page
pisa.reg Man page
pisa.reg.pv Man page
pisa.rho Man page Man page
pisa.table Man page
pisa.var.label Man page
plot.intsvy.mean Man page
plot.intsvy.reg Man page
plot.intsvy.table Man page
timss4_conf Man page
timss8_conf Man page
timss.ben.pv Man page Man page
timssg4.var.label Man page Man page
timssg8.var.label Man page
timss.log Man page
timss.log.pv Man page
timss.mean Man page
timss.mean.pv Man page
timss.per.pv Man page
timss.reg Man page
timss.reg.pv Man page
timss.rho Man page
timss.rho.pv Man page
timss.table Man page


R/ R/pirls.ben.pv.R R/adj.measlev.R R/intsvy.rho.R R/ R/my.methods.R R/plot.intsvy.mean.R R/pirls.rho.R R/surv_conf.R R/ R/pisa.log.pv.R R/timss.rho.R R/pisa.var.label.R R/intsvy.config.R R/adj.input.R R/is.vlabeled.R R/intsvy.rho.pv.R R/timssg8.var.label.R R/intsvy.ben.pv.R R/pisa.ben.pv.R R/intsvy.table.R
R/pirls.mean.R R/intsvy.per.pv.R R/pirls.per.pv.R R/timss.log.pv.R R/intsvy.reg.pv.R R/ R/pirls.var.label.R R/timssg4.var.label.R R/pirls.table.R R/plot.intsvy.reg.R R/pisa.reg.pv.R R/intsvy.mean.pv.R R/pisa.mean.R R/timss.rho.pv.R R/timss.log.R R/pirls.log.pv.R R/pirls.reg.pv.R R/pirls.mean.pv.R R/pisa.per.pv.R R/intsvy.reg.R R/piaac.table.R R/piaac.reg.pv.R R/pirls.reg.R R/intsvy.log.pv.R R/intsvy.var.label.R R/piaac.reg.R R/piaac.ben.pv.R R/timss.table.R R/timss.reg.R R/ R/pisa.table.R R/timss.ben.pv.R R/pirls.rho.pv.R R/timss.reg.pv.R R/plot.intsvy.table.R R/piaac.mean.R R/pisa.mean.pv.R R/intsvy.log.R R/pisa.reg.R R/pisa.rho.R R/pirls.log.R R/timss.mean.R R/piaac.mean.pv.R R/pisa.log.R R/intsvy.mean.R R/timss.mean.pv.R R/timss.per.pv.R
man/intsvy.mean.pv.Rd man/pisa.table.Rd man/pisa.reg.pv.Rd man/ man/pisa.reg.Rd man/ man/ man/ man/intsvy.log.pv.Rd man/intsvy.per.pv.Rd man/intsvy.reg.pv.Rd man/is.vlabeled.Rd man/piaac.ben.pv.Rd man/timss.mean.pv.Rd man/pirls.table.Rd man/pirls.reg.pv.Rd man/piaac.reg.pv.Rd man/pirls.log.pv.Rd man/intsvy.var.label.Rd man/timss.per.pv.Rd man/plot.intsvy.table.Rd man/pisa.mean.pv.Rd man/adj.measlev.Rd man/pisa.log.Rd man/intsvy.ben.pv.Rd man/intsvy.reg.Rd man/pisa.var.label.Rd man/pisa.ben.pv.Rd man/adj.input.Rd man/intsvy.log.Rd man/pirls.mean.Rd man/pirls.mean.pv.Rd man/pirls.var.label.Rd man/ man/pisa.log.pv.Rd man/intsvy.mean.Rd man/piaac.table.Rd man/pirls.reg.Rd man/timss.table.Rd man/pisa.per.pv.Rd man/intsvy.config.Rd man/pisa.rho.Rd man/piaac.reg.Rd man/pisa.mean.Rd man/plot.intsvy.mean.Rd man/timssg4.var.label.Rd man/timss.log.pv.Rd man/timss.rho.pv.Rd man/pirls.log.Rd man/timssg8.var.label.Rd man/pirls.ben.pv.Rd man/piaac.mean.pv.Rd man/pirls.rho.pv.Rd man/timss.reg.Rd man/intsvy.rho.pv.Rd man/intsvy.table.Rd man/timss.ben.pv.Rd man/plot.intsvy.reg.Rd man/intsvy.rho.Rd man/timss.reg.pv.Rd man/pirls.per.pv.Rd man/timss.mean.Rd man/intsvy-package.Rd man/confs.Rd man/pirls.rho.Rd man/timss.log.Rd man/piaac.mean.Rd man/timss.rho.Rd

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