Man pages for intsvy
International Assessment Data Manager

adj.inputUtility function
adj.measlevUtility function
confsConfig files for intsvy studies
intsvy.ben.pvPerformance international benchmarks and proficiency levels
intsvy.configConfig files for intsvy studies
intsvy.logLogistic regression analysis
intsvy.log.pvLogistic regression analysis with plausible values
intsvy.meanCalculates mean of variable
intsvy.mean.pvCalculates mean achievement score
intsvy-packageInternational Assessment Data Manager
intsvy.per.pvCalculates percentiles
intsvy.regRegression analysis without plausible values
intsvy.reg.pvRegression analysis with plausible values
intsvy.rhoCorrelation matrix
intsvy.rho.pvTwo-way weighted correlation with plausible values and merge data
intsvy.tableFrequency table
intsvy.var.labelData labels
is.vlabeledUtility function
piaac.ben.pvPIAAC proficiency levels
piaac.meanCalculates mean of variable in PIAAC data
piaac.mean.pvCalculates mean achievement score for PIAAC data
piaac.regRegression analysis for PIAAC
piaac.reg.pvRegression analysis with plausible values for PIAAC
piaac.tableFrequency table
pirls.ben.pvPIRLS international benchmarks
pirls.logLogistic regression analysis
pirls.log.pvLogistic regression analysis with plausible values
pirls.meanCalculates mean of variable
pirls.mean.pvCalculates mean achievement score
pirls.per.pvPIRLS percentiles
pirls.regRegression analysis
pirls.reg.pvRegression analysis with plausible values
pirls.rhoCorrelation matrix
pirls.rho.pvTwo-way weighted correlation with plausible values and merge data
pirls.tableFrequency table
pirls.var.labelData labels
pisa.ben.pvPISA proficiency levels
pisa.logLogistic regression analysis
pisa.log.pvLogistic regression analysis with plausible values
pisa.meanCalculates mean of variable
pisa.mean.pvCalculates mean achievement score
pisa.per.pvPISA percentiles
pisa.regRegression analysis
pisa.reg.pvRegression analysis with plausible values
pisa.rhoCorrelation matrix and merge data
pisa.tableFrequency table
pisa.var.labelData labels
plot.intsvy.meanGraphical representation of means in groups
plot.intsvy.regGraphical representation of regression models in groups
plot.intsvy.tableGraphical representation of frequency tables
timss.ben.pvTIMSS international benchmarks and merge data
timssg4.var.labelData labels and merge data
timssg8.var.labelData labels
timss.logLogistic regression analysis
timss.log.pvLogistic regression analysis with plausible values
timss.meanCalculates mean of variable
timss.mean.pvCalculates mean achievement score
timss.per.pvTIMSS percentiles
timss.regRegression analysis
timss.reg.pvRegression analysis with plausible values
timss.rhoCorrelation matrix
timss.rho.pvTwo-way weighted correlation with plausible values
timss.tableFrequency table
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