iptools: Manipulate, Validate and Resolve 'IP' Addresses

A toolkit for manipulating, validating and testing 'IP' addresses and ranges, along with datasets relating to 'IP' addresses. Tools are also provided to map 'IPv4' blocks to country codes. While it primarily has support for the 'IPv4' address space, more extensive 'IPv6' support is intended.

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AuthorBob Rudis <bob@rudis.net> [aut, cre], Oliver Keyes <ironholds@gmail.com> [aut], Tim Smith [ctb]
Date of publication2016-04-04 18:39:39
MaintainerBob Rudis <bob@rudis.net>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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cached_country_cidrs Man page
country_ranges Man page
flush_country_cidrs Man page
get_all_country_ranges Man page
hostname_to_ip Man page
iana_assignments Man page
iana_assignments_refresh Man page
iana_ports Man page
iana_ports_refresh Man page
iana_special_assignments Man page
iana_special_assignments_refresh Man page
ip_classify Man page
ip_in_range Man page
ip_random Man page
ip_to_hostname Man page
ip_to_numeric Man page
iptools Man page
iptools-package Man page
is_ipv4 Man page
is_ipv6 Man page
is_multicast Man page
is_valid Man page
numeric_to_ip Man page
range_boundaries Man page
range_generate Man page
validate_range Man page
xff_extract Man page

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