Man pages for iptools
Manipulate, Validate and Resolve 'IP' Addresses

asn_table_to_trieConvert a _pyasn_ generated CIDR data file to a trie
cached_country_cidrsInspect cached CIDR countries
country_rangesReturn CIDR ranges for given ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes
expand_ipv6Expand an IPv6 address from an abbreviated version
flush_country_cidrsFlush the country CIDR cache
get_all_country_rangesFetch all country CIDR blocks
hilbert_encodeEncode an IPv4 address to Hilbert space
host_countReturn the number of hosts in a CIDR block
hostname_to_ipReturns the IP addresses associated with a hostname.
iana_assignmentsIANA IPv4 Address Space Registry
iana_portsIANA Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry
iana_special_assignmentsIANA IPv4 Special-Purpose Address Registry
ip_classifyIdentify whether an IP address is IPv4 or IPv6
ip_in_anycheck if IP address falls within any of the ranges specified
ip_in_rangecheck if IP addresses fall within particular IP ranges
ip_numericconvert between numeric and dotted-decimal IPv4 forms.
ip_numeric_to_binary_stringConvert a charcter vector of IPv4 addresses to a character...
ip_randomgenerate random IPv4 IP addresses
ips_in_cidrsDetermine if a vector if IPv4 addresses are in a vector of...
ip_to_asnMatch IP addresses to autonomous systems
ip_to_binary_stringConvert a numeric vector of IPv4 addresses to a character...
ip_to_hostnameReturn the hostname associated with particular IP addresses
iptoolsA package to quickly and easily handle IP addresses.
iptools_refreshRefresh iptools Internal Datasets
is_checksLogical checks for IP addresses
range_boundariescalculate the maximum and minimum IPs in an IP range
range_boundaries_to_cidrConvert a start+end IP address range pair to representative...
range_generategenerate all IP addresses within a range
v6_scopeReturn the scope of an IPv6 address (string)
validate_rangecheck whether IPv4 ranges are valid
xff_extractTake vectors of IPs and X-Forwarded-For headers and produce...
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