iqLearn: Interactive Q-Learning

Estimate an optimal dynamic treatment regime using Interactive Q-learning.

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AuthorKristin A. Linn, Eric B. Laber, Leonard A. Stefanski
Date of publication2015-08-19 17:13:08
MaintainerKristin A. Linn <>

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Man pages

bmiData: Adolescent BMI data set (generated toy example)

IQ1: IQ-learning: Recommend stage 1 treatment

IQ2: IQ-learning: Recommend stage 2 treatment

iqLearn-package: Interactive Q-learning

iqResids: IQ-learning: standardized residuals

learnIQ1: IQ-learning: estimate optimal first-stage rule

learnIQ1cm: IQ-learning: contrast function mean regression

learnIQ1main: IQ-learning: main effect term regression

learnIQ1var: IQ-learning: contrast variance modeling

learnIQ2: IQ-learning: second-stage regression

plot.iqResids: Plot the standardized residuals

plot.learnIQ1cm: Residual plots for the contrast mean model

plot.learnIQ1main: Residual plots for the main effect term model

plot.learnIQ1var: Residual plots for the contrast variance model

plot.learnIQ2: Residual plots for the second-stage regression

plot.qLearnS1: Residual plots for the first-stage regression

plot.qLearnS2: Residual plots for the second-stage regression

qLearnQ1: Q-learning: Recommend stage 1 treatment

qLearnQ2: Q-learning: Recommend stage 2 treatment

qLearnS1: Q-learning: first-stage regression

qLearnS2: Q-learning: second-stage regression

summary.learnIQ1cm: IQ-learning: contrast mean regression summary

summary.learnIQ1main: IQ-learning: main effect regression summary

summary.learnIQ1var: IQ-learning: contrast variance modeling summary

summary.learnIQ2: IQ-learning: second-stage regression summary

summary.qLearnS1: Q-learning: first-stage regression summary

summary.qLearnS2: Q-learning: second-stage regression summary

summary.value: Estimate plug-in value

value: Estimate plug-in value


bmiData Man page
IQ1 Man page
IQ2 Man page
iqLearn Man page
iqLearn-package Man page
iqQ1cmEst Man page
iqQ1MainEst Man page
iqQ1varEst Man page
iqQ2Est Man page
iqResids Man page
iqResids.default Man page
learnIQ1 Man page
learnIQ1cm Man page
learnIQ1cm.default Man page
learnIQ1cm.formula Man page
learnIQ1.default Man page
learnIQ1Est Man page
learnIQ1main Man page
learnIQ1main.default Man page
learnIQ1main.formula Man page
learnIQ1var Man page
learnIQ1var.default Man page
learnIQ1var.formula Man page
learnIQ2 Man page
learnIQ2.default Man page
learnIQ2.formula Man page
plot.iqResids Man page
plot.learnIQ1cm Man page
plot.learnIQ1main Man page
plot.learnIQ1var Man page
plot.learnIQ2 Man page
plot.qLearnS1 Man page
plot.qLearnS2 Man page
print.summary.learnIQ1cm Man page
print.summary.learnIQ1main Man page
print.summary.learnIQ1var Man page
print.summary.learnIQ2 Man page
print.summary.qLearnS1 Man page
print.summary.qLearnS2 Man page
print.summary.value Man page
qLearnQ1 Man page
qLearnQ2 Man page
qLearnS1 Man page
qLearnS1.default Man page
qLearnS1Est Man page
qLearnS1.formula Man page
qLearnS2 Man page
qLearnS2.default Man page
qLearnS2Est Man page
qLearnS2.formula Man page
summary.learnIQ1cm Man page
summary.learnIQ1main Man page
summary.learnIQ1var Man page
summary.learnIQ2 Man page
summary.qLearnS1 Man page
summary.qLearnS2 Man page
summary.value Man page
value Man page
value.default Man page
valueEst Man page


R/print.summary.learnIQ2.R R/learnIQ1cm.formula.R R/iqQ1varEst.R R/plot.learnIQ1var.R R/learnIQ1Est.R R/print.summary.qLearnS2.R R/plot.qLearnS1.R R/plot.iqResids.R R/plot.learnIQ1cm.R R/learnIQ2.default.R R/learnIQ1cm.default.R R/qLearnS1Est.R R/iqQ2Est.R R/iqResids.R R/summary.learnIQ1var.R R/qLearnQ2.R R/learnIQ1.R R/learnIQ1main.default.R R/learnIQ1main.formula.R R/summary.learnIQ2.R R/learnIQ1.default.R R/IQ1.R R/summary.value.R R/iqQ1MainEst.R R/summary.qLearnS2.R R/summary.learnIQ1cm.R R/qLearnS2Est.R R/print.summary.learnIQ1var.R R/value.default.R R/qLearnQ1.R R/iqQ1cmEst.R R/qLearnS2.default.R R/qLearnS1.formula.R R/learnIQ1var.default.R R/summary.learnIQ1main.R R/valueEst.R R/learnIQ1main.R R/qLearnS1.R R/value.R R/learnIQ1var.formula.R R/learnIQ2.R R/print.summary.value.R R/learnIQ1cm.R R/print.summary.learnIQ1cm.R R/plot.learnIQ2.R R/IQ2.R R/plot.qLearnS2.R R/print.summary.qLearnS1.R R/qLearnS1.default.R R/print.summary.learnIQ1main.R R/learnIQ1var.R R/summary.qLearnS1.R R/plot.learnIQ1main.R R/qLearnS2.formula.R R/iqResids.default.R R/qLearnS2.R R/learnIQ2.formula.R
man/plot.learnIQ2.Rd man/plot.learnIQ1cm.Rd man/value.Rd man/summary.learnIQ1var.Rd man/qLearnS2.Rd man/learnIQ2.Rd man/iqResids.Rd man/summary.value.Rd man/iqLearn-package.Rd man/plot.iqResids.Rd man/summary.learnIQ2.Rd man/qLearnQ2.Rd man/IQ1.Rd man/learnIQ1cm.Rd man/plot.learnIQ1main.Rd man/plot.qLearnS1.Rd man/plot.qLearnS2.Rd man/summary.learnIQ1cm.Rd man/learnIQ1.Rd man/qLearnS1.Rd man/summary.qLearnS2.Rd man/qLearnQ1.Rd man/plot.learnIQ1var.Rd man/learnIQ1main.Rd man/summary.learnIQ1main.Rd man/IQ2.Rd man/bmiData.Rd man/learnIQ1var.Rd man/summary.qLearnS1.Rd

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