read.ip.bilog: Read in parameter estimates

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From BILOG output, read in estimates of item parameters. Invoked automatically when the model is estimated via irtoys. If that is not the case, file must be a file produced with the >SAVE PARm file; command in BILOG.





File name


A list with three elements, est, se, vcm for the parameter estimates, their standard errors, and the variance-covariance matrix per item. The first two are matrices with one row per item, and three columns: [,1] item discrimination a, [,2] item difficulty b, and [,3] asymptote c. For the 1PL and 2PL models, all asymptotes are equal to 0; for the 1PL, the discriminations are all equal but not necessarily equal to 1.


Ivailo Partchev

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