Man pages for isdals
Provides datasets for Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences

agefatAge and body fat percentage
aidsAids prevalence data
alligatorAlligator food preference
antibioDecomposition of organic material
bindingBinding of antibiotics
birthweightBirth weight of boys and girls
bodyfatBody fat in women
butterfatButterfat and dairy cattle
cabbageCabbage yield
cancer2Tumor size and emission of radioactivity
cattleHormone concentration in cattle
chickenWeight gain for chickens
chloroChlorophyll concentration in winter wheat
coolingTenderness of pork
cornyieldYield of corn after fertilizer treatment
crabsWeight of crabs
cuckooHatching of cuckoo eggs
cucumberDisease spread in cucumber
dhlRunning times from relay race
digestcoefsEffect of NaOH treatment of straw on digesitibility
dioxindioxin in water
duckweedGrowth of duckweed
eelsFrequency of signals from electric eels
elisaOptical density for dilutions of a standard dissolution with...
farmpriceRelation between soil area and price for farms
fevForced expiratory volume in children
geneexpGene expression
gestationGestation period for 13 horses
hazardSorption of hazardous organic solvents
herringNematodes in herring fillets
hormoneHormone concentration in cattle
inhibitorEnzyme experiment with inhibitors
interspikeInterspike intervals for neureon from guinea pigs
jellyfishDimensions of jellyfish
lamenessLameness scores for horses
lifespanLength of gestation period and lifespan for horses
listeriaListeria growth in experiment with mice
logitCalculate the logit transform
lucerneFertility of lucerne
mackerelNematodes in mackerel
malariaParasite counts for children with malaria
massspecComparison of mass spectrometry methods
mincedmeatWeight of packs with minced meat
oilvitUtilization of vitamin A
OORdatapH and enzyme activity
paperstrTensile strength of Kraft paper
phosphorPhosphor concentration in plants during growth
picloramPicolram and herbacide efficacy
pillbugEffect of stimuli on pillbugs
pineHeight and diameter of pines
poisonEffects of insecticides on mortality
porkPork colour over time
puromycinEnzyme experiment
ratliverDrugs in rat's livers
ratweightWeight gain of rats
residualplotPlots a standardaized residual
ricestrawWeight increase for cattle fed with rice straw
riisEmission of greenhouse gas
ryegrassEffect of ferulic acid on ryegrass growth
salmonParasite counts for salmons
sarcomereSarcomere length and meat tenderness
sealSize of seal population from 1952 to 1962
soapQuality of soap
soybeanStress and growth for soybeans
stearicacidDigestibility percentage of fat for various levels of stearic...
stomachStomach experiment
tartarTartar for dogs
tetraGrowth of lettuce plants treated with herbicide
thumbtackThrowing thumbtacks
turtlesClutch size of turtles
urinaryFeline urinary tract disease
vitaminaFood intake for Danish people 1985
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