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Tools for Stable Isotope Geochemistry

a13_CO2g_CO2aq13C/12C fractionation factor between CO2(g) and CO2(aq)
a18_c_H2O18O/16O fractionation factor between carbonate and water
a18_CO2acid_c18O/16O acid fractionation factor
a18_CO2aq_H2O18O/16O fractionation factor between CO2(aq) and H2O(l)
a18_CO2g_H2O18O/16O fractionation factor between CO2(g) and H2O(l)
a18_CO3_H2O18O/16O fractionation factor between CO3(2-) and H2O
a18_H2O_OH18O/16O fractionation factor between water and hydroxide ion
a18_HCO3_H2O18O/16O fractionation factor between HCO3(-) and H2O
a_A_BIsotope fractionation factor between A and B
A_from_aIsotope delta from fractionation factor
B_from_aIsotope delta from fractionation factor
D17OTriple oxygen isotope value
d17O_cTriple oxygen isotope values of carbonates
d17O_qzTriple oxygen isotope values of quartz
d18O_cEquilibrium carbonate d18O value
d18O_H2OWater d18O value
D47Equilibrium carbonate D47 value
D48Equilibrium carbonate D47 value
devilsholeDevils Hole carbonate d18O time series
epsilonIsotope fractionation value
GTS2020Oxygen isotope stratigraphy from the Geologic Time Scale...
LR04A Pliocene-Pleistocene benthic foraminifera d18O stack
meteoric_waterOxygen isotope values for meteoric waters
mix_d17OMixing curves in triple oxygen isotope space
primeConverting delta to delta prime
temp_d18OOxygen isotope thermometry
temp_D47Clumped isotope thermometry
temp_D48Dual clumped isotope thermometry
to_VPDBConverting isotope delta from VSMOW to VPDB
to_VSMOWConverting isotope delta from VPDB to VSMOW
unprimeConverting delta prime to delta
X_absorptionRelative rates of CO2 absorption reactions
X_DICDissolved inorganic carbon species
york_fitError-considering linear regression
york_plotRegression confidence intervals
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