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Statistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Model

AR.powerPower of the Anderson-Rubin (1949) Test
ARsens.powerPower of the Anderson-Rubin (1949) Test with Sensitivity...
ARsens.sizeSample Size Calculator for the Power of the Anderson-Rubin...
ARsens.testSensitivity Analysis for the Anderson-Rubin (1949) Test
AR.sizeSample Size Calculator for the Power of the Anderson-Rubin...
AR.testAnderson-Rubin (1949) Test
balanceLovePlotCreate Love plot of standardized covariate mean differences
biasLovePlotCreate Love plot of treatment bias and instrument bias
card.dataCard (1995) Data
CLRConditional Likelihood Ratio Test
coef.ivmodelCoefficients of the Fitted Model in the 'ivmodel' Object
coefOtherExogenous Coefficients of the Fitted Model in the 'ivmodel'...
confint.ivmodelConfidence Intervals for the Fitted Model in 'ivmodel' Object
distributionBalancePlotPlot randomization distributions of the Mahalanobis distance
fitted.ivmodelExtract Model Fitted values in the 'ivmodel' Object
FullerFuller-k Estimator
getCovMeanDiffsGet Covariate Mean Differences
getMDGet Mahalanobis Distance
getStandardizedCovMeanDiffsGet Standardized Covariate Mean Differences
icu.dataPseudo-data based on Branson and Keele (2020)
iv.diagnosisDiagnostics of instrumental variable analysis
ivmodelFitting Instrumental Variables (IV) Models
ivmodel-bransonKeele-internalInternal 'ivmodel' functions for Branson and Keele (2020)
ivmodelFormulaFitting Instrumental Variables (IV) Models
ivmodel-internalInternal 'ivmodel' functions
ivmodel-packageStatistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for...
IVpowerPower calculation for IV models
IVsizeCalculating minimum sample size for achieving a certain power
KClassk-Class Estimator
LIMLLimited Information Maximum Likelihood Ratio (LIML) Estimator
model.matrix.ivmodelExtract Design Matrix for 'ivmodel' Object
paraParameter Estimation from Ivmodel
permTest.absBiasPerform a permutation test using the sum of absolute biases
permTest.mdPerform a permutation test using the Mahalanobis distance
residuals.ivmodelResiduals from the Fitted Model in the 'ivmodel' Object
TSLS.powerPower of TSLS Estimator
TSLS.sizeSample Size Calculator for the Power of Asymptotic T-test
vcov.ivmodelCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix (i.e. Standard Error)...
vcovOtherVariance of Exogenous Coefficients of the Fitted Model in the...
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