adorn_percentages: Convert a data.frame of counts to percentages.

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adorn_percentagesR Documentation

Convert a data.frame of counts to percentages.


This function defaults to excluding the first column of the input data.frame, assuming that it contains a descriptive variable, but this can be overridden by specifying the columns to adorn in the ... argument.


adorn_percentages(dat, denominator = "row", na.rm = TRUE, ...)



a tabyl or other data.frame with a tabyl-like layout. If given a list of data.frames, this function will apply itself to each data.frame in the list (designed for 3-way tabyl lists).


the direction to use for calculating percentages. One of "row", "col", or "all".


should missing values (including NaN) be omitted from the calculations?


columns to adorn. This takes a tidyselect specification. By default, all numeric columns (besides the initial column, if numeric) are adorned, but this allows you to manually specify which columns should be adorned, for use on a data.frame that does not result from a call to tabyl.


Returns a data.frame of percentages, expressed as numeric values between 0 and 1.


mtcars %>%
  tabyl(am, cyl) %>%

# calculates correctly even with totals column and/or row:
mtcars %>%
  tabyl(am, cyl) %>%
  adorn_totals("row") %>%
# Control the columns to be adorned with the ... variable selection argument
# If using only the ... argument, you can use empty commas as shorthand 
# to supply the default values to the preceding arguments:

cases <- data.frame(
  region = c("East", "West"),
  year = 2015,
  recovered = c(125, 87),
  died = c(13, 12)

cases %>%

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