as_tabyl: Add 'tabyl' attributes to a data.frame.

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as_tabylR Documentation

Add tabyl attributes to a data.frame.


A tabyl is a data.frame containing counts of a variable or co-occurrences of two variables (a.k.a., a contingency table or crosstab). This specialized kind of data.frame has attributes that enable adorn_ functions to be called for precise formatting and presentation of results. E.g., display results as a mix of percentages, Ns, add totals rows or columns, rounding options, in the style of Microsoft Excel PivotTable.

A tabyl can be the result of a call to janitor::tabyl(), in which case these attributes are added automatically. This function adds tabyl class attributes to a data.frame that isn't the result of a call to tabyl but meets the requirements of a two-way tabyl: 1) First column contains values of variable 1 2) Column names 2:n are the values of variable 2 3) Numeric values in columns 2:n are counts of the co-occurrences of the two variables.*

* = this is the ideal form of a tabyl, but janitor's adorn_ functions tolerate and ignore non-numeric columns in positions 2:n.

For instance, the result of dplyr::count() followed by tidyr::spread() can be treated as a tabyl.

The result of calling tabyl() on a single variable is a special class of one-way tabyl; this function only pertains to the two-way tabyl.


as_tabyl(dat, axes = 2, row_var_name = NULL, col_var_name = NULL)



a data.frame with variable values in the first column and numeric values in all other columns.


is this a two_way tabyl or a one_way tabyl? If this function is being called by a user, this should probably be "2". One-way tabyls are created by tabyl but are a special case.


(optional) the name of the variable in the row dimension; used by adorn_title().


(optional) the name of the variable in the column dimension; used by adorn_title().


Returns the same data.frame, but with the additional class of "tabyl" and the attribute "core".



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