Man pages for jmuOutlier
Permutation Tests for Nonparametric Statistics

abbreviationAllows Abbreviations of Character Data
CI.t.testStudent's t-Confidence Interval with Finite Population...
coin.tossCoin Toss
dlaplaceLaplace (Double Exponential) Density Function
dtriangTriangular Density Function
fourierDetermining and Graphing Fourier Approximation
jmuOutlier-packagePermutation Tests for Nonparametric Statistics
latinLatin Square
lineGraphLine Graph Plotting
perm.cor.testPermutation Test on Correlation
perm.f.testPermutation Test on the F-statistic
perm.testPermutation Test
plaplaceLaplace (Double Exponential) Cumulative Distribution Function
plotCIConfidence Interval Plot
plotEcdfPlotting Two Empirical Cumulative Distribution Functions
plotVectorPlotting Vector Addition
power.binom.testPower Calculations for Exact Binomial Test
ptriangTriangular Cumulative Distribution Function
qlaplaceLaplace (Double Exponential) Quantile Function
qtriangTriangular Quantile Function
quantileCIConfidence Intervals on Quantiles
read.table2Reads Tables from Author's Website
rlaplaceLaplace (Double Exponential) Random Generation
rmd.testRatio Mean Deviance Test
rtriangTriangular Random Generation
scan2Scans Data from Author's Website
scoreGenerating van der Waerden and Exponential Scores
siegel.testSiegel-Tukey Test
truncHistTruncated Histograms
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