Man pages for jstor
Read Data from JSTOR/DfR

jst_add_total_pagesAdd total count of pages
jst_augmentClean data from DfR
jst_clean_pageClean a character vector of pages
jst_combine_outputsCombine outputs from converted files
jst_define_importDefine an import specification
jst_exampleGet path to jstor example
jst_get_articleExtract meta information for articles
jst_get_authorsExtract author information
jst_get_bookExtract meta information for books
jst_get_chaptersExtract information on book chapters
jst_get_file_nameExtract the basename of a path
jst_get_footnotesExtract all footnotes
jst_get_full_textImport full-text
jst_get_journal_overviewGet table with information on journals
jst_get_ngramRead ngram data
jst_get_referencesExtract all references
jst_get_total_pagesCalculate total pages
jst_importWrapper for file import
jstorjstor: Read Data from JSTOR/DfR
jst_preview_zipPreview content of zip files
jst_re_importRe-import files
jst_subset_ngramsDefine a subset of ngrams
jst_unify_journal_idUnify journal IDs
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