jst_get_chapters: Extract information on book chapters

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jst_get_chaptersR Documentation

Extract information on book chapters


jst_get_chapters() extracts meta-data from JSTOR-XML files for book chapters.


jst_get_chapters(file_path, authors = FALSE)



The path to a .xml-file for a book or research report.


Extracting the authors is an expensive operation which makes the function ~3 times slower, depending on the number of chapters and the number of authors. Defaults to FALSE. Use authors = TRUE to import the authors too.


Currently, jst_get_chapters() is quite a lot slower than most of the other functions. It is roughly 10 times slower than jst_get_book, depending on the number of chapters to extract.


A tibble containing the extracted meta-data with the following columns:

  • book_id (chr): The book id of type "jstor", which is not a registered DOI.

  • file_name (chr): The filename of the original .xml-file. Can be used for joining with other data for the same file.

  • part_id (chr): The id of the part.

  • part_label (chr): A label for the part, if specified.

  • part_title (chr): The title of the part.

  • part_subtitle (chr): The subtitle of the part, if specified.

  • authors (list): A list-column with information on the authors. Can be unnested with tidyr::unnest(). See the examples and jst_get_authors().

  • abstract (chr): The abstract to the part.

  • part_first_page (chr): The page where the part begins.


# extract parts without authors

# import authors too
parts <- jst_get_chapters(jst_example("book.xml"), authors = TRUE)


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