Man pages for jubilee
Forecasting Long-Term Growth of the U.S. Stock Market and Business Cycles

daily2fractionConverter from daily Date to fraction
fraction2dailyConverter from fraction to daily Date
jubileeConstructor of the jubilee class
jubilee.adj_fault_lineAdjust the time series by fault lines
jubilee.calc_capeInternal utility to calculate n-year CAPE
jubilee-classThe jubilee class
jubilee.eqty_olsInternal utility to calculate OLS regression for log total...
jubilee.forward_rtnInternal utility to calculate annualized forward and backward...
jubilee.fred_dataInternal utility to download time series data from FRED
jubilee.locate_fileInternal utility to locate static file
jubilee.macro_costCalculate the cost function of the macro model
jubilee.macro_fitThe GUPTY macro model
jubilee.macro_predictPrediction from UNRATE and GDP models
jubilee.mcsapplyWrapper to calculate 'sapply' using multi-core
jubilee.olsInternal utility to calculate OLS regression
jubilee.optimal_tb3msCalculate the optimal TB3MS
jubilee-packagejubilee: A package to forecast long-term growth of the US...
jubilee.predictMake prediction based on linear regression
jubilee.read_fred_fileInternal utility to read FRED file
jubilee.repoConstructor of 'jubilee.repo' class
jubilee.repo-classThe jubilee repository class
jubilee.repo.configConfiguration of jubilee's data repository
jubilee.std_fault_lineStandard fault line data sets
jubilee.yield_inversionList of dates for yield curve inversion
triangleMethods of triangular wave model
tri.waveConstructor of 'tri.wave' class
tri.wave-classThe triangular wave model class
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