Man pages for kader
Kernel Adaptive Density Estimation and Regression

adaptive_fnhatSpecialized "Workhorse" Function for Kernel Adaptive Density...
bias_AND_scaledvarEstimators of Bias and Scaled Variance
bias_ES2012Bias Estimator of Eichner & Stute (2012)
compute_fnhat"Unified" Function for Kernel Adaptive Density Estimators
cuberootCube-root that retains its argument's sign
epanechnikovEpanechnikov kernel
fnhat_ES2013Robust Kernel Density Estimator of Eichner & Stute (2013)
fnhat_SS2011(Non-robust) Kernel Density Estimator of Srihera & Stute...
J_admissibleAdmissible Rank Transformations of Eichner & Stute (2013)
kadeKernel Adaptive Density Estimator
kaderKernel Adjusted Density Estimation and Regression
kareKernel Adaptive Regression Estimator
kfn_vectorizedConvolution of Kernel Function K with fn
minimize_MSEHatMinimization of Estimated MSE
mse_hatMSE Estimator
nadwatThe Classical Nadaraya-Watson Regression Estimator
rectangularRectangular kernel
var_ES2012Variance Estimator of Eichner & Stute (2012)
weights_ES2012Weights W_{ni} of Eichner & Stute (2012)
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