Man pages for kairos
Analysis of Chronological Patterns from Archaeological Count Data

aoristicAoristic Analysis
AoristicSum-classAoristic Sum
apportionChronological Apportioning
CountApportion-classCount Apportioning
eventEvent and Accumulation Dates
EventDate-classDate Model
fitFrequency Increment Test
IncrementTest-classFrequency Increment Test
kairos-packagekairos: Analysis of Chronological Patterns from...
mcdMean Ceramic Date
MeanDate-classMean Date
mutatorsGet or Set Parts of an Object
plot_aoristicPlot Aoristic Analysis
plot_eventEvent Plot
plot_fitDetection of Selective Processes
plot_mcdMCD Plot
plot_timeAbundance vs Time Plot
RateOfChange-classRate of Change
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rocRate of Change
subsetExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
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