Man pages for kdensity
Kernel Density Estimation with Parametric Starts and Asymmetric Kernels

add_bwAdd a new bw to 'bw_environment'.
add_kernelAdd a new kernel to 'kernels_environment'.
add_startAdd a new parametric start to 'starts_environment'.
bandwidthsBandwidth Selectors
get_bwGet bandwidth functions from string.
get_kernelHelper function that gets a kernel function for kdensity.
get_kernel_start_supportFill in missing kernel, start or support given the supplied...
get_rangeSupplies a plotting range from a kdensity object.
get_standard_bwGet a bandwidth string when 'bw' is unspecified.
get_startGet densities and estimators from strings.
kdensityParametrically guided kernel density estimation
kernelsKernel functions
listmergeMerges two lists.
parametric_startsParametric starts
plot_helperHelper function for the plot methods.
plot.kdensityPlot, Lines and Points Methods for Kernel Density Estimation
recycleRecycles arguments.
support_compatibleChecks compatibility between supports.
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