retrieve_tempdata: Retrieve all tempdata (internal mem) from app (as list)

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This function is part of a suite of functions handling the interface between the kindisperse app & R package. Due to how shiny's interactive programming works, ordinary objects are not visible to the reactive functions embedded in the app. The solution implemented here is to construct a custom environment, env_appdata, that is accessible within the app and outside of it.

This function accesses the app internal environment and retrieves a named list of all objects (typically of classes KinPairData or KinPairSimulation contained within it, making them accessible outside of the app). This is used to quickly retrieve all objects stored in the app's internal memory. Ordinarily, these would be passed to the interface environment, but this function is useful if the app crashed and important results were only present in the app's internal environment.




A list of all KinPairData objects in kindisperse app's tempdata

See Also

Other app_ports: display_appdata(), mount_appdata(), reset_appdata(), reset_tempdata(), retrieve_appdata(), retrieveall_appdata(), unmount_appdata()



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