Man pages for kineticF
Framework for the Analysis of Kinetic Visual Field Data

delete.pointsRemoval of unwanted points from a kinetic isopter
dist2fullDistance structure to full symmetric matrix
do.rose.diagRose diagrams of sector frequencies
gcompInput and output of Goldmann data
Goldmann.demogrGoldmann demographics
kFcheckVisualisation of isopter values
kFquantQuantile regression modelling of kinetic field data
kf.sectorPoint extraction into 24 sectors
kf.sortVisualisation of summary statistics
kFsubjPlots a subject's kinetic data
kineticF-packageFramework for the Analysis of Kinetic Visual Field Data
M0001OrawOctopus raw data
M0001RGblindGoldmann raw data
M0001RGI4eGoldmann raw data
M0001RGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0001ROblindprocOctopus processed data
M0001ROblindrawOctopus unprocessed data
M0001ROI4eprocOctopus processed data
M0001ROI4erawOctopus unprocessed data
M0001ROIII4eprocOctopus processed data
M0001ROIII4erawOctopus unprocessed data
M0002LGblindGoldmann raw data
M0002LGI2eGoldmann raw data
M0002LGI4eGoldmann raw data
M0002LOblindprocOctopus processed data
M0002LOblindrawOctopus unprocessed data
M0002LOI2eprocOctopus processed data
M0002LOI2erawOctopus unprocessed data
M0002LOI4eprocOctopus processed data
M0002LOI4erawOctopus unprocessed data
M0002OrawOctopus raw data
M0003RGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0004LGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0005RGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0005RGrmeasGoldmann raw data
M0006RGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0007LGIII4eGoldmann raw data
M0008RGIII4eGoldmann raw data
ocompInput and output of Octopus data
Octopus.demogrOctopus demographics
preprocess.octopusOctopus data cleaner
set.templateKinetic visual field template
stop.identifyStops the process of re-ordering a matrix of coordinates
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