Man pages for kinship2
Pedigree Functions

align.pedigreeGenerate plotting information for a pedigree
autohintAlign a pedigree to print well
bitSizeCalculate pedigree bitsize, defined as 2 * # NonFounders - #...
familycheckError check for a family classification
findAvailAffectedFind a single person to trim from a pedigree whose is...
findAvailNonInformFind subjects from a pedigree who are available and...
findUnavailableFind unavailable subjects in a pedigree
ibdMatrixCreate an IBD matrix
kindepthCompute the depth of each subject in a pedigree
kinshipCompute a kinship matrix
makefamidConstruct a family id from pedigree information
makekinshipCreate a sparse kinship matrix
minnbreastMinnesota Breast Cancer Study
pedigreeCreate pedigree structure
pedigree.legendPlot a pedigree legend
pedigree.shrinkTrim a pedigree to specified bit size with priority placed on...
pedigree.unrelatedDetermine set of maximum number of unrelated available...
plot.pedigreeplot pedigrees
plot.pedigree.shrinkplot pedigree.shrink object that is a shrunk pedigree object
printBannerPrint a nice banner
sample.pedTwo example pedigrees
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