Man pages for klaR
Classification and Visualization

B3West German Business Cycles 1955-1994
benchB3Benchmarking on B3 data
betascaleScale membership values according to a beta scaling
b.scalCalculation of beta scaling parameters
calc.transCalculation of transition probabilities
centerlinesLines from classborders to the center
classscatterClassification scatterplot matrix
cond.indexCalculation of Condition Indices for Linear Regression
corclustFunction to identify groups of highly correlated variables...
countriesSocioeconomic data for the most populous countries.
cvtreeExtracts variable cluster IDs
distmirrInternal function to convert a distance structure to a matrix
dkernelEstimate density of a given kernel
dmvnormDensity of a Multivariate Normal Distribution
drawpartiPlotting the 2-d partitions of classification methods
EDAMComputation of an Eight Direction Arranged Map
errormatrixTabulation of prediction errors by classes
e.scalFunction to calculate e- or softmax scaled membership values
friedmandataFriedman's classification benchmark data
GermanCreditStatlog German Credit
greedy.wilksStepwise forward variable selection for classification
hmm.sopCalculation of HMM Sum of Path
kmodesK-Modes Clustering
locldaLocalized Linear Discriminant Analysis (LocLDA)
locpvsPairwise variable selection for classification in local...
meclightMinimal Error Classification
NaiveBayesNaive Bayes Classifier
nmNearest Mean Classification
partimatPlotting the 2-d partitions of classification methods
plineplotPlotting marginal posterior class probabilities
plot.NaiveBayesNaive Bayes Plot
plot.woePlot information values
predict.locldaLocalized Linear Discriminant Analysis (LocLDA)
predict.locpvspredict method for locpvs objects
predict.meclightPrediction of Minimal Error Classification
predict.NaiveBayesNaive Bayes Classifier
predict.pvspredict method for pvs objects
predict.rdaRegularized Discriminant Analysis (RDA)
predict.sknnSimple k Nearest Neighbours Classification
predict.svmlightInterface to SVMlight
predict.woeWeights of evidence
pvsPairwise variable selection for classification
quadplotPlotting of 4 dimensional membership representation simplex
quadtrafoTransforming of 4 dimensional values in a barycentric...
rdaRegularized Discriminant Analysis (RDA)
rerangeLinear transformation of data
shardsplotPlotting Eight Direction Arranged Maps or Self-Organizing...
sknnSimple k nearest Neighbours
stepclassStepwise variable selection for classification
svmlightInterface to SVMlight
TopoSComputation of criterion S of a visualization
triframeBarycentric plots
trigridBarycentric plots
triperplinesBarycentric plots
triplotBarycentric plots
tripointsBarycentric plots
tritrafoBarycentric plots
ucpmUschi's classification performance measures
woeWeights of evidence
xtractvarsVariable clustering based variable selection
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