Man pages for klausuR
Multiple Choice Test Evaluation

antwortenSample dataset: antworten
antworten.mufoSample dataset: antworten.mufo
compareComparison of data sets
grand.tableExport results to a table
klausurEvaluate multiple choice tests
klausuR.answ-classClass klausuR.answ
klausuR-classClass klausuR
klausur.dataA function to create data objects with given and correct...
klausur.genGenerate empty data sets for the use with klausur
klausur.gen.corrA function to generate a vector with correct answers
klausur.gen.marksGenerate mark assignments
klausur.mufoEvaluate multiple choice tests with several test forms
klausuR.mult-classClass klausuR.mult
klausuR-packageThe klausuR Package
klausur.reportGenerate individual reports on multipe choice test results
klausuR.test-classClass klausuR.test
nret.rescaleRescale test evaluation results
nret.translatorConvert NRET/ET data between klausuR and other software
plot-methodsPlot methods for S4 objects of class klausuR and klausuR.mult
show-methodsShow methods for S4 objects of classes klausuR and...
sort-methodsSort method for S4 objects of class klausuR
spss.dataSample dataset:
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