klausuR.answ-class: Class klausuR.answ

Description Slots Note


This class is used for objects needed by klausur. They contain all relevant data to calculate test results.



Contains three elements:

  • corr The correct answers to each item.

  • corr.key An optional data.frame or matrix for test with multiple test forms, indicating the positions of all items (columns) in all forms (rows). Must have a column called Form (like in id), and the item columns must follow the usual name scheme Item###. NULL if not needed.

  • wrong For pick-n scoring, this is the inverse of corr, i.e., all wrong item alternatives.


Contains the columns No, Name, FirstName, MatrNo, Pseudonym and Form.


Contains a copy of id$MatrNo and all answers to the test items (one item per column).


Contains three elements:

  • marks The assigned marks for achieved points (NULL if none)

  • wght Weights for each item (NULL if none)

  • maxp Optional, to force a certain maximum points value (NULL if none)


Currently an empty placeholder. Planned to hold the actual test items in future releases.


Any additional data you'd like to be stored along with id and items, e.g. table data from/for other software products. Won't be used for anything.


The slots , id, items and misc, must have the same number of rows and contain copies of the colum MatrNo for identification.

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