Man pages for kmlcov
Clustering longitudinal data using the likelihood as a metric of distance

addIndicCreate the new formula with the indicator covariates
affect_randAffect randomly the individuals to the clusters
artifdataArtificial data
Converge-classClass '"Converge"'
Converge-methodsMethod for function 'show'
getNomCoefGet the name of the coefficients in the 'glm' object...
glmClustClustering longitudinal data
GlmCluster-classClass 'GlmCluster'
GlmCluster-methodsPlot the main trajectories
kmlCovClustering longitudinal data from different starting...
KmlCovList-classClass 'KmlCovList'
KmlCovList-methodsPlot the main trajectories
kmlcov-packageClustering longitudinal data using the likelihood as a metric...
log_likCalculate the log-likelihood
majIndicaCalculate an indicator vector
predict_clustCreates a character string expression to calculate the...
rwFormulaRewrite the formula with all the covariates
seperateFormulaSeparate the covariates in a formula
which_bestSeek the best partitions
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