Man pages for koRpus
Text Analysis with Emphasis on POS Tagging, Readability, and Lexical Diversity

ARIReadability: Automated Readability Index (ARI)
available.koRpus.langList available language packages
bormuthReadability: Bormuth's Mean Cloze and Grade Placement
C.ldLexical diversity: Herdan's C
clozeDelete-methodsTransform text into cloze test format
colemanReadability: Coleman's Formulas
coleman.liauReadability: Coleman-Liau Index
correct-methodsMethods to correct koRpus objects
cTest-methodsTransform text into C-Test-like format
CTTRLexical diversity: Carroll's corrected TTR (CTTR)
dale.challReadability: Dale-Chall Readability Formula
danielson.bryanReadability: Danielson-Bryan
dickes.steiwerReadability: Dickes-Steiwer Handformel
docTermMatrixGenerate a document-term matrix
DRPReadability: Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)
ELFReadability: Fang's Easy Listening Formula (ELF)
farr.jenkins.patersonReadability: Farr-Jenkins-Paterson Index
filterByClass-methodsRemove word classes
fleschReadability: Flesch Readability Ease
flesch.kincaidReadability: Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
FOGReadability: Gunning FOG Index
FORCASTReadability: FORCAST Index
freq.analysis-methodsAnalyze word frequencies
fucksReadability: Fucks' Stilcharakteristik
get.kRp.envGet koRpus session settings
guess.langGuess language a text is written in
harris.jacobsonReadability: Harris-Jacobson indices
HDDLexical diversity: HD-D (vocd-d)
hyphen-methodsAutomatic hyphenation
install.koRpus.langInstall language support packages
jumbleWords-methodsProduce jumbled words
K.ldLexical diversity: Yule's K
koRpus-deprecatedDeprecated object classes
koRpus-packageText Analysis with Emphasis on POS Tagging, Readability, and...
kRp.clusterWork in (early) progress. Probably don't even look at it....
kRp.corp.freq-classS4 Class kRp.corp.freq
kRp.lang-classS4 Class kRp.lang
kRp.POS.tagsGet elaborated word tag definitions
kRp.readability-classS4 Class kRp.readability
kRp.text-classS4 Class kRp.text
kRp.text_get-methodsGetter/setter methods for koRpus objects
kRp.TTR-classS4 Class kRp.TTR
lex.div-methodsAnalyze lexical diversity
lex.div.numCalculate lexical diversity
linsear.writeReadability: Linsear Write Index
LIXReadability: Bj\"ornsson's L\"asbarhetsindex (LIX)
maasLexical diversity: Maas' indices
MATTRLexical diversity: Moving-Average Type-Token Ratio (MATTR)
MSTTRLexical diversity: Mean Segmental Type-Token Ratio (MSTTR)
MTLDLexical diversity: Measure of Textual Lexical Diversity...
nWSReadability: Neue Wiener Sachtextformeln
pasteText-methodsPaste koRpus objects
plot-methodsPlot method for objects of class kRp.text
query-methodsA method to get information out of koRpus objects
readability-methodsMeasure readability
readability.numCalculate readability
read.BAWLImport BAWL-R data
read.corp.celexImport Celex data
read.corp.custom-methodsImport custom corpus data
read.corp.LCCImport LCC data
readTagged-methodsImport already tagged texts
RIXReadability: Anderson's Readability Index (RIX)
R.ldLexical diversity: Guiraud's R
segment.optimizerA function to optimize MSTTR segment sizes
set.kRp.envA function to set information on your koRpus environment
set.lang.supportAdd support for new languages
show-methodsShow methods for koRpus objects
S.ldLexical diversity: Summer's S
SMOGReadability: Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG)
spacheReadability: Spache Formula
split_by_doc_idTurn a multi-document kRp.text object into a list of kRp.text...
strainReadability: Strain Index
summary-methodsSummary methods for koRpus objects
textFeaturesExtract text features for authorship analysis
textTransform-methodsLetter case transformation
tokenize-methodsA simple tokenizer
traenkle.bailerReadability: Traenkle-Bailer Formeln
treetag-methodsA method to call TreeTagger
TRIReadability: Kuntzsch's Text-Redundanz-Index
TTRLexical diversity: Type-Token Ratio
tuldavaReadability: Tuldava's Text Difficulty Formula
types.tokens-methodsGet types and tokens of a given text
U.ldLexical diversity: Uber Index (U)
wheeler.smithReadability: Wheeler-Smith Score
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