kRp.POS.tags: Get elaborated word tag definitions

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This function can be used to get a set of part-of-speech (POS) tags for a given language. These tag sets should conform with the ones used by TreeTagger.


kRp.POS.tags(lang = get.kRp.env(lang = TRUE), list.classes = FALSE,
  list.tags = FALSE, tags = c("words", "punct", "sentc"))



A character string defining a language (see details for valid choices).


Logical, if TRUE only the known word classes for the chosen language will me returned.


Logical, if TRUE only the POS tags for the chosen language will me returned.


A character vector with at least one of "words", "punct" or "sentc".


Currently supported languages are:

For the internal tokenizer a small subset of tags is also defined, available through lang="kRp". If you don't know the language your text was written in, the function guess.lang should be able to detect it.

With the element tags you can specify if you want all tag definitions, or a subset, e.g. tags only for punctuation and sentence endings (that is, you need to call for both "punct" and "sentc" to get all punctuation tags).

The function is not so much intended to be used directly, but it is called by several other functions internally. However, it can still be useful to directly examine available POS tags.


If list.classes=FALSE and list.tags=FALSE returns a matrix with word tag definitions of the given language. The matrix has three columns:


Word tag


Respective word class


"Human readable" description of what the tag stands for

Otherwise a vector with the known word classes or POS tags for the chosen language (and probably tag subset) will be returned. If both list.classes and list.tags are TRUE, still only the POS tags will be returned.


m.eik michalke [email protected], support for Spanish contributed by Earl Brown [email protected], support for Italian contributed by Alberto Mirisola.


Santorini, B. (1991). Part-of-Speech Tagging Guidelines for the Penn Treebank Project. URL:

Schiller, A., Teufel, S., Stockert, C. & Thielen, C. (1995). Vorl\"aufge Guidelines f\"ur das Tagging deutscher Textcorpora mit STTS. URL:

Sharoff, S., Kopotev, M., Erjavec, T., Feldman, A. & Divjak, D. (2008). Designing and evaluating Russian tagsets. In: Proc. LREC 2008, Marrakech. URL:

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1 <- kRp.POS.tags("de")

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