Man pages for kyotil
Utility Functions for Statistical Analysis Report Generation and Monte Carlo Studies

age_calcAge Calculation
baseSome Base Functions
binaryloessUsing loess to Check Functional Form for Logistic Regression
cox.zph.2Test the Proportional Hazards Assumption of a Cox Regression...
DemingFit Deming regression.
DMHeatMapBetter Heatmap Function
get.sim.resRead simulation results
iorwCausal Mediation Analysis of Cowling et al.
kidDataset from Cowling et al.
make.timedep.datasetCreate Dataset for Time-dependent Covariate Proportional...
mathMath Functions
matrixMatrix and Array Functions
matrix2Matrix Functions that May Be Faster than
miscMisc Functions
p.adj.permPermutation-based Multitesting P Values Adjustment
plottingPlotting Functions
printPrint Functions
randomRandom Functions
regression.model.functionsRegression Model Functions
sim.dat.tvaryingSimulation Functions for Time-dependent Proportional Hazard...
statStat Functions
stringString Functions
testsTesting Functions
VEplotVaccine Efficacy Plots
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