Man pages for labelled
Manipulating Labelled Data method for labelled vectors
copy_labelsCopy variable and value labels
labelledCreate a labelled vector.
labelled_spssCreate a labelled vector with SPSS style of missing values.
mean.labelledArithmetic mean for numeric labelled vectors
na_valuesGet / Set SPSS missing values
nolabel_to_naRecode values with no label to NA
recode.labelledRecode values
remove_attributesRemove attributes
remove_labelsRemove variable label, value labels and user defined missing...
sort_val_labelsSort value labels
to_characterConvert input to a character vector
to_factorConvert input to a factor.
to_labelledConvert to labelled data
val_labelsGet / Set value labels
val_labels_to_naRecode value labels to NA
var_labelGet / Set a variable label
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