Man pages for lagged
Classes and Methods for Lagged Objects

acf2LaggedConvert "acf" objects to "Lagged" objects
bracketass-methodsMethods for subset assignment
bracketbracketass-methodsMethods for '[[<-' in package 'lagged'
bracketbracket-methodsMethods for '[[' in package 'lagged'
bracket-methodsMethods for subsetting defined in package 'lagged'
dataWithLagNamesLagged data with named lag dimension
fill.slMatrix-methodsMethods for Function fill.slMatrix in Package 'sarima'
FlexibleLagged-classClass FlexibleLagged
LaggedCreate Lagged objects
Lagged1d-classClass Lagged1d
Lagged2d-classClass Lagged2d
Lagged3d-classClass Lagged3d
Lagged-classClass Lagged
maxLagGive the maximal lag in an object
maxLagassChange the maximal lag in a lagged object
slMatrixFunction to create objects from class slMatrix
slMatrix-classClass "slMatrix"
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