Man pages for landpred
Landmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome

AUC.landmarkEstimates the area under the ROC curve (AUC).
BS.landmarkEstimates the Brier score.
cumsum2Helper function
data_example_landpredHypothetical data to be used in examples.
Ghat.FUNCalculates the Kaplan Meier survival probability for...
helper.siHelper function for AUC.landmark
Kern.FUNCalculates kernel matrix
landpred-packageLandmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome
mse.BWHelper function for optimize.mse.BW.
optimize.mse.BWCalculates initial optimal bandwidth.
Prob2Estimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0, Z, TS>t0).
Prob2.k.tEstimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0, Z, TS==ts).
prob2.singleEstimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0, Z, TS==ts) for a single t.
Prob.CovariateEstimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0, Z), i.e. given discrete...
Prob.Covariate.ShortEventEstimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0, Z, min(TS, t0), I(TS<=t0)),...
Prob.NullEstimates P(TL <t0+tau | TL > t0).
VTMHelper function, repeats a row.
Wi.FUNComputes the inverse probability of censoring weights for a...
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