Man pages for latte
Interface to 'LattE' and '4ti2'

genmodelGenerate a configuration matrix
kprodIterated Kronecker product
latteR Interface to LattE and 4ti2
latte-countCount integer points in a polytope
latte-filesFormat/read/write a matrix in latte's style
latte-optimSolve an integer progam with LattE
lattice-basesCompute a basis with 4ti2
pathingSet paths to LattE and 4ti2 executables
plot-matrixPlot a matrix
ppiCompute the primitive partition identities
print.tableauPretty printing of tableau output.
qsolveSolve a linear system over the rationals
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
tab2vecArray to vector conversion
tableauTableau Notation for Markov
vec2tabVector to array conversion
zsolveSolve a linear system over the integers
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