Man pages for lba
Latent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data

goodnessfitGoodness of Fit results for Latent Budget Analysis
housingThe Satisfaction with Housing Conditions Study
lbaLatent Budget Analysis (LBA) for Compositional Data
lba-internalInternal lba functions
lba-packageLatent Budget Analysis (LBA) for Compositional Data
MANHATANThe Midtown Manhattan Study
plotcorrPlot lba objects using the correspondence analysis approach...
plotlbaPlotlba objects using the approach suggested by van der Ark...
postmaterEnvironmental problems and Cancer
pregnancyPregnancy-Related Mortality in California
print.goodnessfitPrint Method for goodnessfit objects.
print.lbaPrint Method for 'lba' objects.
summary.goodnessfitSummary Method for goodnessfit objects.
summary.lbaSummary Method for 'lba' objects.
votBVoting Behaviour in Netherlands
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