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Liouville Copulas

airqualityDaily air pollutant measures in Leeds
danubeRanks of preprocessed monthly Danube river flow measurements
express_coef_claytonClayton coefficient for Kendall's tau formula
express_coef_gumbGumbel coefficient for Kendall's tau formula
hbvevdliouvBivariate spectral density of the CDA of survival copula and...
H_invInverse survival function if Monte-Carlo approximation is set...
isliouv_mMultiple marginal inverse survival function of Liouville...
K.plotKendall plot
lcopula-packageLiouville Copulas
LiouvilleLiouville copulas
Liouville_marginalLiouville vectors marginal functions
liouv.iTauMoment estimate for theta derived from Kendall's tau formula
liouv.maximMaximization of Liouville copula likelihood function
liouv.TauComputes Kendall's tau for Clayton or Gumbel Liouville copula
nutrientWomen daily nutrient intake
pickands.liouvPickands dependence function for the copula domain of...
pickands.plotPlot Pickands dependence function for CDA of Liouville...
pliouv.optInternal code for the copula likelihood function of Liouville...
rarchiArchimedean copula sampler
sliouvJoint survival function of Liouville vectors
sliouv_mMultiple marginal survival function for Liouville vectors
theta.bciParametric bootstrap confidence interval for the parameter...
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