Man pages for ldstatsHD
Linear Dependence Statistics for High-Dimensional Data

aagnesLambdaSelectionAugmented-MSE regularization parameter selection
agnesACAGNES coefficient
agnesLambdaSelectionAGNES regularization parameter selection
aicBicLambdaSelectionAIC/BIC regularization parameter selection
cor2meanAverage square correlation by rows
cor2meanAdjadjusted average square correlation by rows
eqCorrMatTestequality of two correlation matrices test
eqCorTestByRowsCorrelation matrices test by rows
EstradaIndexEstrada Index of a graph structure
graphCorrOne minus graph correlation matrix
graphDistInverse of the geodesic distance matrix
harmonicMeanHarmonic mean of network distances
lambdaSelectionRegularization parameter selection based on network...
ldstatsHD-internalInternal functions
ldstatsHD-packageLinear Dependence Statistics for High-Dimensional data
pcLambdaSelectionPath Connectivity regularization parameter selection
pcorSimulatorPartial Correlation Matrix simulator
pcorSimulatorJointjoint partial correlation matrices simulator
plotequalityCorrelationsByRowsplot for equality of two correlation matrices by rows test
plotPcorSimulatorPartial correlation matrix simulator plot
plotPcorSimulatorJointJoint partial correlation matrix simulator plot
plotwfglJoint partial correlation matrix estimator plot
plotwfrlJoint regression coefficient matrix estimator plot
thresholdSelectionThreshold selection for equality of correlation matrices test
vulnLambdaSelectionVulnerability regularization parameter selection
wfglweighted fused graphical lasso
wfrljoint estimation of multiple regression coefficient matrices
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