lestat: A package for LEarning STATistics

This package contains some simple objects and functions to do statistics using linear models and a Bayesian framework.

AuthorPetter Mostad <mostad@chalmers.se>
Date of publication2013-11-21 21:29:17
MaintainerPetter Mostad <mostad@chalmers.se>

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Man pages

anovatable: Computes ANOVA table given data and design

betabinomial: Create an Object Representing a Beta-Binomial Distribution

betadistribution: A Beta Distribution

binomialbeta: Create an Object Representing a bivariate Binomial Beta...

binomialdistribution: Create an Object Representing a Binomial Distribution

cdf: Compute Cumulative Distribution Function

compose: Building a new probability distribution from an old.

conditional: The Conditional Distribution

contrast: Computing the distribution of a Contrast

credibilityinterval: Compute Credibility Interval for a Univariate Distribution

designBalanced: Create a Design Matrix for a Balanced Design

designFactorial: Create a Design Matrix for a Factorial Design

designManyGroups: Create a Design Matrix for Several Groups of Normal...

designOneGroup: Create a Design Matrix for One Group of Observations

designTwoGroups: Create a Design Matrix for Two Groups of Observations

difference: Create Object Representing Difference Between Two...

discretedistribution: Create Object Representing a Discrete Distribution

expectation: Compute Expectation

expgamma: Create an ExpGamma distribution

fdistribution: Create an F distribution

fittedvalues: Compute Fitted Values for a Linear Model

gammadistribution: Create a Gamma Distribution

invcdf: Compute the Inverse Cumulative Distribution Function

leastsquares: Find the Least Squares Solution in a Linear Model

lestat-package: LEarning STATistics using Bayesian object oriented...

linearmodel: Compute the Posterior Distribution for a Linear Model

linearpredict: Create a Linear Extension of a Distribution

marginal: A Marginal of a Multivariate Distribution

mdiscretedistribution: Create Object Representing a Multivariate Discrete...

mnormal: A Multivariate Normal Distribution

mnormalexpgamma: A Multivariate Normal-ExpGamma Distribution

mnormalgamma: A Multivariate Normal-Gamma Distribution

mtdistribution: A Multivariate t-Distribution

muniformdistribution: A Multivariate Uniform Distribution

normal: A Normal Distribution

normalexpgamma: A Normal-ExpGamma Distribution

normalgamma: A Normal-Gamma Distribution

plot.normal: Plotting a Probability Distribution

poissondistribution: A Poissondistribution

posteriornormal1: Compute the Posterior Distribution for Parameters of One...

posteriornormal2: Compute a Posterior Distribution for Parameters of Two Normal...

precision: The Precision of a Distribution

print.normal: Printing Probability Distributions

probability: The Probability at a Value for a Discrete Distribution

probabilitydensity: The Probability Density at a Value for a Continuous...

p.value: Compute the p-value for a Distribution

simulate.normal: Simulate values from a Probability Distribution

summary.normal: Summary of a Probability Distribution Object

tdistribution: A t-distribution

uniformdistribution: A Uniform Distribution

variance: The Variance of a Distribution

Files in this package

lestat/man/designBalanced.Rd lestat/man/mdiscretedistribution.Rd lestat/man/designFactorial.Rd lestat/man/compose.Rd lestat/man/lestat-package.Rd lestat/man/designOneGroup.Rd lestat/man/designTwoGroups.Rd lestat/man/betabinomial.Rd lestat/man/binomialbeta.Rd lestat/man/variance.Rd lestat/man/mnormalgamma.Rd lestat/man/gammadistribution.Rd lestat/man/tdistribution.Rd lestat/man/cdf.Rd lestat/man/normal.Rd lestat/man/expectation.Rd lestat/man/linearmodel.Rd lestat/man/simulate.normal.Rd lestat/man/binomialdistribution.Rd lestat/man/invcdf.Rd lestat/man/normalexpgamma.Rd lestat/man/anovatable.Rd lestat/man/probabilitydensity.Rd lestat/man/conditional.Rd lestat/man/betadistribution.Rd lestat/man/linearpredict.Rd lestat/man/expgamma.Rd lestat/man/credibilityinterval.Rd lestat/man/uniformdistribution.Rd lestat/man/posteriornormal2.Rd lestat/man/leastsquares.Rd lestat/man/summary.normal.Rd lestat/man/poissondistribution.Rd lestat/man/probability.Rd lestat/man/mtdistribution.Rd lestat/man/plot.normal.Rd lestat/man/contrast.Rd lestat/man/discretedistribution.Rd lestat/man/mnormal.Rd lestat/man/designManyGroups.Rd lestat/man/mnormalexpgamma.Rd lestat/man/posteriornormal1.Rd lestat/man/p.value.Rd lestat/man/print.normal.Rd lestat/man/difference.Rd lestat/man/marginal.Rd lestat/man/fdistribution.Rd lestat/man/precision.Rd lestat/man/normalgamma.Rd lestat/man/fittedvalues.Rd lestat/man/muniformdistribution.Rd

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