lestat: A package for LEarning STATistics

This package contains some simple objects and functions to do statistics using linear models and a Bayesian framework.

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AuthorPetter Mostad <mostad@chalmers.se>
Date of publication2013-11-21 21:29:17
MaintainerPetter Mostad <mostad@chalmers.se>

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Man pages

anovatable: Computes ANOVA table given data and design

betabinomial: Create an Object Representing a Beta-Binomial Distribution

betadistribution: A Beta Distribution

binomialbeta: Create an Object Representing a bivariate Binomial Beta...

binomialdistribution: Create an Object Representing a Binomial Distribution

cdf: Compute Cumulative Distribution Function

compose: Building a new probability distribution from an old.

conditional: The Conditional Distribution

contrast: Computing the distribution of a Contrast

credibilityinterval: Compute Credibility Interval for a Univariate Distribution

designBalanced: Create a Design Matrix for a Balanced Design

designFactorial: Create a Design Matrix for a Factorial Design

designManyGroups: Create a Design Matrix for Several Groups of Normal...

designOneGroup: Create a Design Matrix for One Group of Observations

designTwoGroups: Create a Design Matrix for Two Groups of Observations

difference: Create Object Representing Difference Between Two...

discretedistribution: Create Object Representing a Discrete Distribution

expectation: Compute Expectation

expgamma: Create an ExpGamma distribution

fdistribution: Create an F distribution

fittedvalues: Compute Fitted Values for a Linear Model

gammadistribution: Create a Gamma Distribution

invcdf: Compute the Inverse Cumulative Distribution Function

leastsquares: Find the Least Squares Solution in a Linear Model

lestat-package: LEarning STATistics using Bayesian object oriented...

linearmodel: Compute the Posterior Distribution for a Linear Model

linearpredict: Create a Linear Extension of a Distribution

marginal: A Marginal of a Multivariate Distribution

mdiscretedistribution: Create Object Representing a Multivariate Discrete...

mnormal: A Multivariate Normal Distribution

mnormalexpgamma: A Multivariate Normal-ExpGamma Distribution

mnormalgamma: A Multivariate Normal-Gamma Distribution

mtdistribution: A Multivariate t-Distribution

muniformdistribution: A Multivariate Uniform Distribution

normal: A Normal Distribution

normalexpgamma: A Normal-ExpGamma Distribution

normalgamma: A Normal-Gamma Distribution

plot.normal: Plotting a Probability Distribution

poissondistribution: A Poissondistribution

posteriornormal1: Compute the Posterior Distribution for Parameters of One...

posteriornormal2: Compute a Posterior Distribution for Parameters of Two Normal...

precision: The Precision of a Distribution

print.normal: Printing Probability Distributions

probability: The Probability at a Value for a Discrete Distribution

probabilitydensity: The Probability Density at a Value for a Continuous...

p.value: Compute the p-value for a Distribution

simulate.normal: Simulate values from a Probability Distribution

summary.normal: Summary of a Probability Distribution Object

tdistribution: A t-distribution

uniformdistribution: A Uniform Distribution

variance: The Variance of a Distribution


anovatable Man page
betabinomial Man page
betadistribution Man page
binomialbeta Man page
binomialdistribution Man page
cdf Man page
cdf.betabinomial Man page
cdf.betadistribution Man page
cdf.binomialdistribution Man page
cdf.default Man page
cdf.discretedistribution Man page
cdf.expgamma Man page
cdf.fdistribution Man page
cdf.gammadistribution Man page
cdf.normal Man page
cdf.poissondistribution Man page
cdf.tdistribution Man page
cdf.uniformdistribution Man page
compose Man page
compose.default Man page
compose.discretedistribution Man page
compose.normal Man page
compose.uniformdistribution Man page
conditional Man page
conditional.binomialbeta Man page
conditional.default Man page
conditional.mdiscretedistribution Man page
conditional.mnormal Man page
conditional.mnormalexpgamma Man page
conditional.mnormalgamma Man page
conditional.mtdistribution Man page
conditional.muniformdistribution Man page
conditional.normalexpgamma Man page
conditional.normalgamma Man page
contrast Man page
contrast.default Man page
contrast.mnormalexpgamma Man page
contrast.mnormalgamma Man page
credibilityinterval Man page
credibilityinterval.betadistribution Man page
credibilityinterval.default Man page
credibilityinterval.expgamma Man page
credibilityinterval.fdistribution Man page
credibilityinterval.gammadistribution Man page
credibilityinterval.normal Man page
credibilityinterval.tdistribution Man page
designBalanced Man page
designFactorial Man page
designManyGroups Man page
designOneGroup Man page
designTwoGroups Man page
difference Man page
difference.default Man page
difference.normal Man page
difference.tdistribution Man page
discretedistribution Man page
expectation Man page
expectation.betabinomial Man page
expectation.betadistribution Man page
expectation.binomialdistribution Man page
expectation.default Man page
expectation.discretedistribution Man page
expectation.expgamma Man page
expectation.fdistribution Man page
expectation.gammadistribution Man page
expectation.mdiscretedistribution Man page
expectation.mnormal Man page
expectation.mnormalexpgamma Man page
expectation.mnormalgamma Man page
expectation.mtdistribution Man page
expectation.muniformdistribution Man page
expectation.normal Man page
expectation.normalexpgamma Man page
expectation.normalgamma Man page
expectation.poissondistribution Man page
expectation.tdistribution Man page
expectation.uniformdistribution Man page
expgamma Man page
fdistribution Man page
fittedvalues Man page
gammadistribution Man page
invcdf Man page
invcdf.betadistribution Man page
invcdf.binomialdistribution Man page
invcdf.default Man page
invcdf.discretedistribution Man page
invcdf.expgamma Man page
invcdf.fdistribution Man page
invcdf.gammadistribution Man page
invcdf.normal Man page
invcdf.poissondistribution Man page
invcdf.tdistribution Man page
invcdf.uniformdistribution Man page
leastsquares Man page
lestat Man page
lestat-package Man page
linearmodel Man page
linearpredict Man page
linearpredict.default Man page
linearpredict.mnormal Man page
linearpredict.mnormalexpgamma Man page
linearpredict.mnormalgamma Man page
linearpredict.normal Man page
linearpredict.normalexpgamma Man page
linearpredict.normalgamma Man page
marginal Man page
marginal.binomialbeta Man page
marginal.default Man page
marginal.mdiscretedistribution Man page
marginal.mnormal Man page
marginal.mnormalexpgamma Man page
marginal.mnormalgamma Man page
marginal.mtdistribution Man page
marginal.muniformdistribution Man page
marginal.normalexpgamma Man page
marginal.normalgamma Man page
mdiscretedistribution Man page
mnormal Man page
mnormalexpgamma Man page
mnormalgamma Man page
mtdistribution Man page
muniformdistribution Man page
normal Man page
normalexpgamma Man page
normalgamma Man page
plot.betabinomial Man page
plot.betadistribution Man page
plot.binomialbeta Man page
plot.binomialdistribution Man page
plot.discretedistribution Man page
plot.expgamma Man page
plot.fdistribution Man page
plot.gammadistribution Man page
plot.mdiscretedistribution Man page
plot.mnormal Man page
plot.mnormalexpgamma Man page
plot.mnormalgamma Man page
plot.mtdistribution Man page
plot.muniformdistribution Man page
plot.normal Man page
plot.normalexpgamma Man page
plot.normalgamma Man page
plot.poissondistribution Man page
plot.tdistribution Man page
plot.uniformdistribution Man page
poissondistribution Man page
posteriornormal1 Man page
posteriornormal2 Man page
precision Man page
precision.betabinomial Man page
precision.betadistribution Man page
precision.binomialdistribution Man page
precision.default Man page
precision.discretedistribution Man page
precision.expgamma Man page
precision.fdistribution Man page
precision.gammadistribution Man page
precision.mdiscretedistribution Man page
precision.mnormal Man page
precision.mnormalexpgamma Man page
precision.mnormalgamma Man page
precision.mtdistribution Man page
precision.muniformdistribution Man page
precision.normal Man page
precision.normalexpgamma Man page
precision.normalgamma Man page
precision.poissondistribution Man page
precision.tdistribution Man page
precision.uniformdistribution Man page
print.betabinomial Man page
print.betadistribution Man page
print.binomialbeta Man page
print.binomialdistribution Man page
print.discretedistribution Man page
print.expgamma Man page
print.fdistribution Man page
print.gammadistribution Man page
print.mdiscretedistribution Man page
print.mnormal Man page
print.mnormalexpgamma Man page
print.mnormalgamma Man page
print.mtdistribution Man page
print.muniformdistribution Man page
print.normal Man page
print.normalexpgamma Man page
print.normalgamma Man page
print.poissondistribution Man page
print.tdistribution Man page
print.uniformdistribution Man page
probability Man page
probability.betabinomial Man page
probability.binomialdistribution Man page
probability.default Man page
probabilitydensity Man page
probabilitydensity.betadistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.default Man page
probabilitydensity.expgamma Man page
probabilitydensity.fdistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.gammadistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.mnormal Man page
probabilitydensity.mnormalexpgamma Man page
probabilitydensity.mnormalgamma Man page
probabilitydensity.mtdistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.muniformdistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.normal Man page
probabilitydensity.normalexpgamma Man page
probabilitydensity.normalgamma Man page
probabilitydensity.tdistribution Man page
probabilitydensity.uniformdistribution Man page
probability.discretedistribution Man page
probability.mdiscretedistribution Man page
probability.poissondistribution Man page
p.value Man page
p.value.default Man page
p.value.expgamma Man page
p.value.fdistribution Man page
p.value.gammadistribution Man page
p.value.mnormal Man page
p.value.mtdistribution Man page
p.value.normal Man page
p.value.tdistribution Man page
simulate.betabinomial Man page
simulate.betadistribution Man page
simulate.binomialbeta Man page
simulate.binomialdistribution Man page
simulate.discretedistribution Man page
simulate.expgamma Man page
simulate.fdistribution Man page
simulate.gammadistribution Man page
simulate.mdiscretedistribution Man page
simulate.mnormal Man page
simulate.mnormalexpgamma Man page
simulate.mnormalgamma Man page
simulate.mtdistribution Man page
simulate.muniformdistribution Man page
simulate.normal Man page
simulate.normalexpgamma Man page
simulate.normalgamma Man page
simulate.poissondistribution Man page
simulate.tdistribution Man page
simulate.uniformdistribution Man page
summary.betabinomial Man page
summary.betadistribution Man page
summary.binomialbeta Man page
summary.binomialdistribution Man page
summary.discretedistribution Man page
summary.expgamma Man page
summary.fdistribution Man page
summary.gammadistribution Man page
summary.mdiscretedistribution Man page
summary.mnormal Man page
summary.mnormalexpgamma Man page
summary.mnormalgamma Man page
summary.mtdistribution Man page
summary.muniformdistribution Man page
summary.normal Man page
summary.normalexpgamma Man page
summary.normalgamma Man page
summary.poissondistribution Man page
summary.tdistribution Man page
summary.uniformdistribution Man page
tdistribution Man page
uniformdistribution Man page
variance Man page
variance.betabinomial Man page
variance.betadistribution Man page
variance.binomialdistribution Man page
variance.default Man page
variance.discretedistribution Man page
variance.expgamma Man page
variance.fdistribution Man page
variance.gammadistribution Man page
variance.mdiscretedistribution Man page
variance.mnormal Man page
variance.mnormalexpgamma Man page
variance.mnormalgamma Man page
variance.mtdistribution Man page
variance.muniformdistribution Man page
variance.normal Man page
variance.normalexpgamma Man page
variance.normalgamma Man page
variance.poissondistribution Man page
variance.tdistribution Man page
variance.uniformdistribution Man page

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