Man pages for lestat
A Package for Learning Statistics

anovatableComputes ANOVA table given data and design
betabinomialCreate an Object Representing a Beta-Binomial Distribution
betadistributionA Beta Distribution
binomialbetaCreate an Object Representing a bivariate Binomial Beta...
binomialdistributionCreate an Object Representing a Binomial Distribution
cdfCompute Cumulative Distribution Function
composeBuilding a new probability distribution from an old.
conditionalThe Conditional Distribution
contrastComputing the distribution of a Contrast
credibilityintervalCompute Credibility Interval for a Univariate Distribution
designBalancedCreate a Design Matrix for a Balanced Design
designFactorialCreate a Design Matrix for a Factorial Design
designManyGroupsCreate a Design Matrix for Several Groups of Normal...
designOneGroupCreate a Design Matrix for One Group of Observations
designTwoGroupsCreate a Design Matrix for Two Groups of Observations
differenceCreate Object Representing Difference Between Two...
discretedistributionCreate Object Representing a Discrete Distribution
expectationCompute Expectation
expgammaCreate an ExpGamma distribution
fdistributionCreate an F distribution
fittedvaluesCompute Fitted Values for a Linear Model
gammadistributionCreate a Gamma Distribution
invcdfCompute the Inverse Cumulative Distribution Function
leastsquaresFind the Least Squares Solution in a Linear Model
lestat-packageLEarning STATistics using Bayesian object oriented...
linearmodelCompute the Posterior Distribution for a Linear Model
linearpredictCreate a Linear Extension of a Distribution
marginalA Marginal of a Multivariate Distribution
mdiscretedistributionCreate Object Representing a Multivariate Discrete...
mnormalA Multivariate Normal Distribution
mnormalexpgammaA Multivariate Normal-ExpGamma Distribution
mnormalgammaA Multivariate Normal-Gamma Distribution
mtdistributionA Multivariate t-Distribution
muniformdistributionA Multivariate Uniform Distribution
normalA Normal Distribution
normalexpgammaA Normal-ExpGamma Distribution
normalgammaA Normal-Gamma Distribution
plot.normalPlotting a Probability Distribution
poissondistributionA Poissondistribution
posteriornormal1Compute the Posterior Distribution for Parameters of One...
posteriornormal2Compute a Posterior Distribution for Parameters of Two Normal...
precisionThe Precision of a Distribution
print.normalPrinting Probability Distributions
probabilityThe Probability at a Value for a Discrete Distribution
probabilitydensityThe Probability Density at a Value for a Continuous...
p.valueCompute the p-value for a Distribution
simulate.normalSimulate values from a Probability Distribution
summary.normalSummary of a Probability Distribution Object
tdistributionA t-distribution
uniformdistributionA Uniform Distribution
varianceThe Variance of a Distribution
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